Gabe Brooks

Cruise with Gabe around South Central for a revealing look into his day-to-day.

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Gabe Brooks by Miles Rogoish

Gabe with plenty of acrobatics, fist bumps and BMX.

RE-UP: Gabe Brooks Edit

So good.

Originally posted on July 29th 2011.

Gabe Brooks

Flat tire repair.

Long Beach, CA.

Matty & Gabe

Matty Long & Gabe Brooks for Demolition. Put together by Chris Long.

Quintin Mexico teaser

Quintin Mexico – Teaser from Quintin Co. on Vimeo.

A teaser for an upcoming edit resulting from the Quintin Mexico trip we featured below.

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Gabe Brooks / Quintin “Be A G” Hat

Gabe Brooks’ hat with Quintin is available now.

From Quintin:
There are only a handful of people that can live up to the tagline “BE A G”. Gabe is one of them. Once he got out of the system, Mike Ardelean immediately told us he’s on the team, and that we needed to send him a box of hats. As we’ve gotten to know him over the last year or so, it’s become evident that he has a strong mix of characteristics that allow him to persevere through the worst of times and shine at the best of times. There’s something undeniable about Gabe that we wanted to translate onto a hat. We hope by the powers of osmosis that a part of Gabe is instilled into your psyche.

The “Be A G” hat is available HERE now.

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Gabe Brooks Edit / Q&A

When Darryl approached me with idea of hosting a Gabe Brooks Kink edit on here, I said hell yeah! Not only am I aware of Gabe’s abilities, but I know that Darryl wouldn’t put out trash. So here we are.

Speaking of Gabe, one of the lasting impressions of him that will always stick with me, was from the Texas Toast jam. Not only was Gabe taking in all the riding he could, but he also stuck around and helped us break down when most people were gone. I saw him putting tents away, moving stuff and just straight helping anyway he could. Shit like that goes a long way, and didn’t go unnoticed. Even though the Q&A below is pretty gnarly, the dude couldn’t give off a more positive/friendly/appreciative vibe.

Below is a quick Q&A with Gabe that Jay Roe put together.

Gabe Brooks, 24, South Central California.

So you kind of popped back into the scene recently, seemingly out of nowhere. Where were you at and why?
I was incarcerated for murder : )

What type of lifestyle/upbringing and circle of people brought you to the above circumstances?
They Were Gangstas, Dope Dealers and Hustlers!!!

Where did you grow up and what kind of people were you looking up to outside of riding, that kind of lead you down that path?
I grew up smack in the middle of south central Los Angeles and I use to look up to gangstas, pimps and macks!! They were the ones that taught me how to survive. Physically and financially rather.. S/O to sweet tooth.

What brought you back into riding when you got out? Was it something you thought about and missed while away?
The last joe I did, I realized that I couldn’t keep livin the way I did or otherwise, I’ll be in someones cemetery, or locked up for life trying to defend myself and friends.

You seem so focused on riding now, what is it like balancing BMX with the lifestyle you lived outside of it?
It’s weird… Going from trying to take territory, to learning a trick on a bike and channeling my anger on something positive than negative giving me a higher energy. It feels good but odd. I’ve lived 19 years of my life doing stupid shit and I got stupid outcomes.. But that was my life I had to adapt or be weeded out.

One of the first times we hung out, you called someone that answered a cell phone from inside their jail cell. Do you currently have friends and family that are locked up? What’s that like for you and how do you deal with it?
Yeah, I just lost a child hood buddy to the system two moths ago. He has life now for murder. S/O to baby 007. I also have uncles with life and a brother that’s ready to come home after 8 yrs. Life’s been rough and somewhere down the food chain links need to be broken! IT FUCKIN START WITH ME!

I personally feel like you bring a totally fresh and different personality to the Kink family, how is it hanging and riding with the rest of the guys on a daily basis?
They’re just not guys, they’re family. Inspirational riders of people throughout the world, positive individuals, motivators.. I love all of them. They’re my bro’s. And I’ll give anything to ride with them everyday!


Gabe Brooks Quintin Quickie

Quintin Quickie: Gabe Brooks from theBLKLST on Vimeo.

An everyday session from Gabe, courtesy of BLKLST for Quintin.

Gabe is back

A year went by with no Gabe Brooks, but since coming back it took him all of three weeks to resume his sponsorship with Quintin (his bio coming soon) as well as wrap up this video for The Bank.

Check it.