Mercedes Benz and BMX

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Europeans and Australians get lots of cool things that we don’t get in the US, and here are two more things to add to that list: A Bluetec Diesel version of the G-Wagen, and cool car brands aligning themselves with BMX.

Go to NotCot to view this very highly produced video featuring Danny Campbell riding “Wave Rock” in the Australian outback.

Gunther Holtorf’s 23-year road trip

Here’s a great feature on BBC about a German former airline executive named Gunther Holtorf who took a never ending trip in his Mercedes G Wagen.

He’s gone half a million miles with no sponsorships, no social media, no blog, and no breakdowns. The video shows photos taken with Gunther’s two Leica film cameras, as well as shots by David Lemke.

Click here for the video.