When I first got Talk is Cheap…

… I watched it every single night for a week, and regularly after that. I even asked Navaz to hook me up with the soundtrack so I can have the music (thanks Navaz!). Talks Is Cheap is one of my favorite videos of all time. It's equal parts great riding mixed with Navaz' production touch. Modern day classic.

The full official video is now online. Enjoy.


Hey Lloyd, could you stand like over there in case my bike….

Surely one of the finer BMX videos to come out in recent memory (in DVD form). Kink's Squash It is now online in full for you to feast your eyes on. I could conjur up some slick wording to express how much I like this video, but I won't. I really like this video. Done.

While I can watch it all the way through, I'm rolling with Doyle, Hittle, Sexton and Hamlin as my faves. Good work all around though.

Click below for the rest of the parts.


“This Is United” in Full

If you have somehow evaded This Is United over the last 2 years, here is your chance to evade no more Darth Evader.

Click below to watch it in full by sections (courtesy of United).