I’ve just been slapped by a French kid!

Soooooooo, yeah. What just happened? Who is this kid?!?!?!?!?!

The name Anthony Perrin does not ring a bell to me, but then again I don’t live in France nor do I live on the internet watching every kids video. This edit is to celebrate Anthony’s addition the French Vans pro team (congrats). I don’t really care about that, but I do care about that first clip and this edit in general. Kid’s good.

Maybe this WAS all a dream??

Thanks to Julien Scheubel for tweeting this at us.

Q&A: Figuré BMX Magazine

A few weeks ago, I was emailed a teaser for a new free French magazine called Figuré BMX Mag. It was labeled “Teaser 1” which led me to believe there were more to follow. I didn’t post any, hoping I’d be able to clump them all together in a nice package with a Q&A.

Voilà!!! (thats French for “ta-da” more or less)

I reached out to Fabien with a few questions. Click below for that.


Kink in France

More Darryl Tocco goodness! This time, with the Kink dudes in France.

From Kink:
Ben Hittle, Darryl Tocco, Aaron Smith, Clement Carpentier, Roland Pellegrin, and Jay Roe cruising through France, from Paris to Montpellier. Big thanks to Unleaded Distribution.

Filmed and edited by Darryl Tocco, additional filming by Jay Roe.

Pommes frites et une baguette

We recently posted a Disposed from this United trip to France, and here’s the edit to go along with it. Nicely put together by the talented James Cox. WATCH!

Alex Valentino, Ashley Charles, Rooftop, Luke Peeters & Jack Marchant spent 6 days in France hitting spots in Paris & Le Mans, producing a damn healthy amount of heavy clips.

United in France

The crew listed above are heading over to France for a week of filming, and ultimately end up at the ‘Friendly’ contest.

Frenchys Trail Trip with BF

Check out this rad edit with Brian Foster in France on the Frenchys Trail Trip!


Nike Standby: France Edit

In first, we have France in the Nike Standby contest. Click below to check out the edit.

Voting was done by the Standby riders & filmers themselves on the night of the STB premiere for these results. Let us know what you think.



I don’t know much about this event, but Julien Roubinet sent over some rad photos from Soulardouzant in Paris. It looks like there was a great turnout for the jam and Julien’s photos do a great job of capturing the riding as well as the crowd and everyone who was there to check it out. Keep reading for some more photos and you can check out some more shots here.

*Edit, Hadrien Picard sent over a bunch of info about the jam, that was actually for Soul BMX Mag’s 12 year anniversary!


Concrete Waves Jam

Check out this rad edit from the Concrete Jam, that was held last weekend in Ault, France put together by Hadrien Picard. All the dudes from the Van’s Wheels Of Rock tour where there as well as a bunch of other people. The video is great and the setup for the jam looks super fun! Check it out.


Thomas Grall Photography

Check out some rad photos from French photographer Thomas Grall.


French Media Apprentice

Soul BMX worked with Nike on a Media Apprentice program and just announced the winner. Pierre Blondel got the first place spot with a great super 8 film that was apparently put together with no editing! You can check out the video and read about the winners (if you can read French) on the Soul BMX site.

Le Megot Edit

Le Megot sent over a super fun edit of a bunch of riders cruising around a city in Belgium that doesn’t allow cars. The basically go from the top of the city to the bottom and document their ride. There’s a good mix of tricks and cruising and it definitely makes me want to go ride in a city with my friends!


Ill Studio


Ill Studio is a collective of 10 French creatives – photographers, designers, typographers, illustrators, motion designers – that all work together on a wide range of projects. I was drawn to them through their work with clothing company Six Pack and I’m really in love with all of their print and t-shirt designs.