On This Date Last Year…

We posted this Aaron Ross / Fox “Created To Destroy” episode. I loved it then, and still love it now.


Here’s Fox’s latest “Created To Destroy” edit featuring Aaron Ross. Well done indeed.

Click below to eyeball.


Hawk, Bezanson & Cranmer in Puerto Rico

Chase Hawk, Drew Bezanson and Scotty Cranmer recently did some demos and autograph signings in Puerto Rico on behalf of FOX. Fat Tony was on hand and put together THIS photo gallery and the edit below. Rave ’til dawn!




Andalucia Part Three from FoxHeadInc on Vimeo.

Check out the 3rd Andalucia edit. Can’t beat some slow-mo trail footage, especially with Chase Hawk. This is awesome.


Here is the second edit of the Andalucia series.

According to Joe Rich:

Fox just posted the second edit I did for them for my Andalucia series. There is no bmx riding in this one, so I’m sure that kids will have a thing or 2 to say. I decided to do one full chapter on this place “El Chorro” because I thought it was amazing enough to support one being done. It was incredible. Truth is, we alll can have some amazing opportunities that come up on trips like this, and its fun to show others what they were.

You should also go HERE, and check out the photo gallery.

Fox in Andalucia


Check out the start of a video series that Joe Rich is working on for Fox. The first video is from a trip Joe and Chase Hawk took to Malaga Spain to meet up with Ruben.

Thanks to Joe Rich for the heads up.

Check it out here!



Today, I got an unexpected package in the mail which contained 3 pairs of these DQM/FOX gloves. I had no idea these were coming, and was totally impressed with the packaging once I pulled them out. Simple as it may be, it totally goes hand in hand with DQM’s theme.

For those who may not know, Dave’s Quality Meat is a butcher themed sneaker/clothing store in NYC. Hence why the gloves are wrapped up like a piece of meat, or cold cuts. There is that sticker with info holding the folded over flaps in place, and a stamp too. The whole thing looks rad, none of us want to open them, haha. Of course, It’s a shame to not use the gloves inside, but I may just keep this package intact.

Thanks to Rob-O for the hook up.

Click HERE to check out an interview I did with Dave back in 05. Damn, 05???

And just like that, we have 2 back to back Fox posts, crazy!!


twelve hours in sd

I remember checking for this since it was advertised in the last Ride, but it wasn’t on the Fox site until I just checked now.

Click below to check out a sweet web edit featuring Chase Hawk, Aaron Ross and Sean Sexton, courtesy of Fox.