The Dream


So, I can admit that my musical taste is all over the map. Just as an example, I’m listening to My Morning Jacket right now, but the day started out with The Dreams new album. I usually don’t listing to that much main stream hip-hop, especially not R&B, but I’ll have to blame my recent relapse to the mainstream stuff to designer and DJ, Fourcolor Zack. He posted this really good mix of tracks from The Dream on his myspace. I’ve had the mix for months now and I seriously can not stop listing to it. I have this moment before I click on the track in iTunes, where I know I shouldn’t do it, but I’m just so addicted, I have to… It’s really bad… haha.

So anyway, there was this video that just showed up on The Fader for a remix of The Dreams “Rockin’ That Shit” with Rick Ross, Ludacris, Fabolous, and Santana all backed up by this whole magazine layout theme. I’m pretty stoked on the video concept and I’m also stoked that I have finally admitted my horrible addiction to The Dream.

Check out the video after the jump and if you’d like to get sucked in, download Fourcolor Zack’s mix here.