Flickr Find: Hugo Almeida

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Feelin’ this photo of Stefan Lantschner by Hugo Almeida.

Eyeball more of Hugo’s photos HERE.

New Flickr.

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In Flickr news, there’s been a redesign!

The new Flickr is a million F-Stops better than the previous out dated piece of shit they’ve been offering us. So much so, that I actually feel inspired to use the service again. I used and frequented Flickr for a nice stretch, then became very uninterested in it for the last few years (stopped going there basically). Well, the new redesign has greatly changed my view on it. Same premise, just nicer presentation, ease of viewing photos and a terabyte of space. I realized that I follow some pretty rad people and it’s good to see what everyone is up too. Flickr has been a good source of content for this site, so hopefully it can stay in my rotation. Instagram likes to party with Flickr too, which is an added bonus.

If you’ve been down with Flickr in the past, go poke around and give it a new shot. If you have never been on Flickr, this will all mean nothing, haha…

Flickr: Hollis Brown Thornton

All kinds of interesting weirdness on his Flickr stream.

Flickr Find: James Cox

“Cruisin’ Huntington Beach” via James Cox.

Flickr: Fatheed

Whatever is happening on Aled Lewis/Fatheed’s Flickr stream, is amazing.

Flickr Find: Crunks Not Dead

Clever and funny. Win!

Via – Laser Burners

Flickr: Yosigo

Yosigo is someone I’ve followed on Flickr for some time, and I’m always stoked to see what’s next. Simple, interesting and he has great tones to his stuff (a lot of which comes from a Polaroid SX-70).

Click below for some examples, and be sure to hit up his Flickr and SITE too, where you will find a bunch of rad collections.


Patrick Joust Photography

Patrick Joust is the kind of photographer that makes me want to shoot photos all day.

I’ve followed Patrick on Flickr for a good while now, and between his diptychs, night shots, portraits, street scenes etc…, he has no shortage of styles. He shoots on all formats with a bunch of different cameras and has a style all his own.

I asked Patrick to submit some photos and he kindly came through. Click below to check out some of his work and be sure to follow his stuff onĀ Flickr.


Flickr Find

Rob Seymour – Whip That F by Josh Allsopp



FFFFlickr is another great way to explore Flickr like I Hardly Know Her and the other minimal flickr sites. The difference with FFFFlickr though, is the site is about exploring rather than showing your own photos. When you login with your Flickr account, it loads 20 of your favorite photos, then each time you click on a photo, it loads more photos that some how related to the image you clicked. The grid format is a beautiful way to explore the images and I guarantee you’ll come across some great photos. I’ve only spent about 10 minutes on the site and I already found some amazing shots.


Swine Flu Deaths

Swine Flu Mortality

I came across this graph about Swine Flu Deaths last week and judging by the 480,00+ view count on Flickr, I’m sure a few of you have seen it, but if now, check it out after the jump.


Flickr Friends


I was just spending some well needed time going through our new contacts list in Flickr and thought it would be rad to post some photos from our new contacts. There are a lot of amazing photographers out there, so by no means does this post include everyone we are stoked on, this is just a selection from the 40+ new contacts I (finally) went through today. We love photos her at Defgrip, so feel free to become a contact on Flickr or just email us some dope photos!




Nobody Is There

Picture 2

Check out a rad Flickr series that I cam across on the Build Blog.



Matt Colisch – School table gap to wall by Shawn Lee 87