School Your Boy

Good times right here. Got a smile on my grill.

New Fit Softgoods

Click through the player above to check out all the new FIT softgoods.

10 Years of Fit & Edwin

Edwin and Tom White have left the Fit team and Fit put together an amazing gallery along with some words from the rest of the team about Edwin and the impact he’s made on BMX over the past 10 years. You must check this out.

Ben Lewis & Ashley Charles Etnies edit

Just came across this rad welcome to the team edit on the Fit site featuring Ashley Charles and Fit UK rider Ben Lewis for Etnies Europe.


Fit San Francisco Trip

Eddie Cleveland, Jackson Ratima, Josh Smit, and Raul Ruiz were going to do a Fit trip from LA to Seattle, but the weather was looking bleak in the North West, so they just chilled in SF and put together this rad edit!



Click below for a handful of recent bmx web stuff that has hit the internets.



Here’s the Fit UK team in Greece, courtesy of 4Down. Go HERE for downloads.

Thanks to Dean Hearne for the heads up.


Mike Aitken has pieced together a new bike in between physical therapy and other duties. Hit up the Fit site for more pics.

BF Flip Book

There’s a rad flip book with a bunch of BF photos on the Fit site… Check it out here.

Robo Interview

Check out a dope interview with Robo on the Robust Flavor site. He talkes about Cali, Fit, working in the industry and the thoughts of opening a shop in Santa Ana.

Check it out here.

Fit Rider Bag

Fit just dropped a new bag built for riding, rightly called The Rider Bag. It has pockets for everything you need… Computer, tools, ipods, etc. and it’s rad to see more bags made for specific needs.

Check it out after the jump and on the Fit site – READ MORE