5 day trip, 9 minute video. I’d say these dudes killed it.

Q&A: Stew Johnson / Holy Fit

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HOLY FIT is upon us. 3 years in the making, head up by Stew Johnson and loaded with FIT’s cast of shredders and legends. Buy this video.

As always, Stew Johnson was kind enough to take some questions from me, so click below to read what he has to say about HOLY FIT. He also whipped up a new trailer to go aong with this.

Click below for Q&A and trailer.


Stew Johnson is one busy mofo.

Good things to come.


By The Numbers: Chris Moeller

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We’ve written down 100 random questions and assorted topics, all of which are unbeknownst to our victims. We will be asking people to pick 20 random numbers from 1-100 and then supplying them with those questions/topics to answer. Who knows what might come up!?!?!

Up next is Mad Dog V.1, S&M & FIT's Chris Moeller.

Click below.


New Fit Tees

T-1 Spanish Roast

Tom Dugan has parted ways with T-1 to join the Fit team and as a farewell T-1 just released a great video from Spain featuring Tom, Ruben, and Joe Rich.

“As sort of a “farewell” to Tom, we bring you this . . . Tom Dugan and I visited Ruben at home in Malaga back in May of this year. We both happened to be in the UK at the same time, and Spain was just too close to pass up. Ruben always seems to have some new, wild spot that he has been working on. He roped us both in with tales of green valleys, that are home to giant dirt curvatures. Yeah, we had to go see for ourselves. What is it with Malaga and these spots anyhow ?! Thank you Ruben for the great days we shared…”


Fit Trippin’ 3

Hell yeah, this is a dialed online treat right here. Fit Trippin’ 3 TX/AZ trip.

Related: Check out the Photogallery from this trip courtesy of Tom Perry.

Semi-Related: Shawn Mcintosh’s knee pops. Ask him for a demonstration.

Ben Lewis

Ben Lewis doing it for Fit pro.

Print Ad: Fit Bikes

FIT sent through the latest print ad featuring Shitty. Click below to check it in full.


Photogallery: Fit Trippin 3

The Fit crew recently hit the road From Dallas to Tucson to film for Fit Trippin 3. Tom Perry was part of that crew, and snapped some photos along the way.

Click below to check those out.


Print Ad: Fit Bikes

Click below to check out the latest FIT print ad from Ride US.


Print Ad: Fit Bikes

Click below to check out the latest Fit ad featuring Ben Lewis, which is running in the current Ride US.


2011 Fit Completes

Peep em!

Print Ad: Fit Bikes

Fit sent through their latest ad from Ride US. Classic!

Click below to check it out. Shouts to Jeff Z.


Pat King / Fit Bikes

If you peeped the new Ride BMX, than you already saw the Fit ad stating that Pat King has been bumped to pro.

Now you can watch this quick edit for a little glimpse into why.