The homies Javee and Jerms are always carrying their analog film boxes and pushing #35MMFOREVER. Click below for a random collection of pics from the both of them.



Not since the days have I actually sat down and spent a lot of time putting a personal portfolio site together. I’ve always just whipped something together out of necessity, but this latest rendition of my portfolio changes that. The site is broken up into three sections, film/photo/stories… The film section is pretty similar to my last site, but I’m super excited about the photos and stories section. I’ve been shooting photos forever, but have never actually put a real portfolio together. It has been a lot of fun digging through my archives and organizing all my work into specific galleries. The stories section is where I’ll be posting all my personal work from now on. I’m always doing random projects on my own and am looking forward to having a home for them.

Check it all out here!

Tim Hetherington

An incredible short film by photojournalist and film maker Tim Hetherington, who was killed in the the 2011 Libyan civil war.

Super Slowmotion Subway

Helmut Newton – Frames From The Edge


An hour and a half documentary with the man himself.


A Day in the Life of Stanley Kubrick


A must read for any Kubrick fan, following the director around during the filming of 2001 a Space Odyssey. Thanks to Jackson Glasgow for the link. Check it out here.

Daft Signz

From the guys who brought you “Vans and the Places Where They Were” comes Daft Signz, a new film featuring some of the best sign spinners in LA.

“Every wednesday at a suburban Los Angeles park in North Hollywood, a group of talented individuals come together to create a form of self-expression you may have never experienced before: a mind-blowing synthesis of sign spinning and street dance.”


12 O'clock boys

I need to see this.


Elliott Erwitt on Nowness

“I know some of my previous wives didn’t think I was funny at all” “The good thing about dogs is they are everywhere, they are usually sympathetic, they don’t complain… and they don’t ask for prints”

Quotes for days… Loving this video with photographer Elliott Erwitt from Nowness. Check it out!


Need to see this

The Art of Steadicam

A compilation of the best Steadicam shots since the invention in the early 70’s, pulled from the best rated list on Get ready to get lost in a dream world of floating cinema.

Roger Deakins


Roger Deakins, the incredible cinematographer behind all the Coen Brother’s films and countless others, has a great interview on Vulture about how he achieved specific shots in different films over his career . Check the article out here and if you end up watching the Oscars this weekend, keep an eye out for the best cinematography category. Deakins is up for an Oscar for his work on Skyfall… He’s been nominated 10 times through out his career and has never won…

Hadrien Picard

Hadrien Picard just launched a new website showcasing all of his photography and film work. Check it out here and keep reading to see a few of my favorite shots from his site!


The Fall

The film ‘The Fall’ came out in 2007, but somehow I hadn’t seen it until this past weekend. Directed by Tarsem, an acclaimed music video and commercial director, It was shot in over 20 countries and over the span of four years, financed mostly by my Tarsem him self, so he could avoid the creative restrictions that come with a big studio movie. If you haven’t already seen it, I recommend watching The Fall solely based off the visuals and locations… and If you have seen it, you might as well just watch it again because it’s that good. I swear I was taking screen shots every few seconds. So many incredible locations. Keep reading to see the trailer and a bunch of stills from the movie.



Fraser Byrne sent over this rad film. “We just finished up this wee vid I thought you might appreciate. Although its not ‘bmx’ its in the spirit of DIY, cheap living adventure that I think most BMXers can relate to. The vid is based on a guy called Austin Vince who rode around the world (by the longest route possible) on DR350 dirt bikes with 8 mates. Pretty epic trip to say the least.”