2019 marks 5 years since the FIENDING video dropped. When I first posted the video on here, I did so without even watching it first. Ya just knew it was gonna be solid.

It’s always cool to slow things down a bit sometimes and look back, so click below for some FIENDING era photos courtesy of Kevin Conners. Full video embedded as well.


The Automatically Embeded “FIENDING” Video

Fact. I embeded this without even watching it first and I do so with the utmost confidence. I’m still in my boxers because I got up to post this first thing after checking Instagram in bed. Will proceed with morning rituals then watch.

UPDATE – I’m dead.

This guy…

The best.

Cinema X Fiend Tulsa Edit

Here’s the final result of the Disposed we ran a few days ago. CINEMA and Fiend in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Good shit!

Features Garrett Reynolds, Ty Morrow, Chase Dehart and JJ Palmere. Ty Morrow hurt his ankle on the first day of the trip and wasn’t able to ride.

Edited by Will Stroud

Filmed by Tony Ennis, Will Stroud, Ty Morrow, Garrett Reynolds & Kevin Conners

Photography by Kevin Conners

Fiend Site & Promo

Fiend site & promo up now. Go HERE!!!

You already know.


Disposed: Fiend

The Fiend crew hit up Boston to film for their first promo and came through with a Disposed for us. The Fiend promo and website will drop this friday, so check back for that.

Thanks to Kevin Conners and everyone involved. Click below to check out the pics and an intro from Garrett.