Federal Barcelona

Mira esto. Muy bueno.

Featuring Dan Lacey, Bruno Hoffmann, Matty Long, Stevie Churchill, Roy Van Kempen, Medhi Vivens, Michal Smelko and Jason Eustathiou.

Bruno Hoffmann tha Funky Homosapien

I like the description:
Bruno went away to war ridden Tel Aviv casino bewertungen to film for this Federal edit, but with too many incoming missiles he decided to finish off in the less hostile Barcelona.

Filmed and edited by: Richard Forne

Federal in Frankfurt

If you haven’t seen this Federal In Frankurt edit, than you are not one of the 100k that have. It features Dan Lacey, Mark Love, Bruno Hoffmann, Michal ┼ámelko, Jared Washington, Ollie Evans and Tammy Mccarley.

This is old, why am I posting it now? Well, because Federal just dropped an interactive look book for it which is pretty cool. You can flip through and click on the riding pics which will take you to that clip in the edit. If you’ve seen the edit, this feature might not be as cool, but it’s still pretty cool, nahmean?

Click below.


Cult / Federal UK Tour Edit

Click below to check out a sweet Navaz edit of the Cult/Federal UK tour.



Dan Lacey & Bruno Hoffmann

…for Federal. Automatic embed.

Filmed by: Devon Hutchins
Edited by: Edd Allen
Music: ‘Parrowdice’ by Klashnekoff

A Look into the Federal Ads

Federal put together a great short documentary about their latest series of print ads. Each ad is an original painting by the artist Robert Sample featuring a rider from the Federal team. Keep reading to check out the video and click here to check out the first two ads from the series.


Print ad: Federal

Check out a new ad from Federal featuring Bruno Hoffman, from their new painting series, as well as the first ad featuring Dan Lacey.


Federal in San Diego

Features Ty Morrow, Jared Washington and Bruno Hoffmann. WATCH IT!

Federal Week

Federal dropped a series of edits this week starting on Tuesday, and here they are all in one place.

The week wraps up with Dan Lacey (above). This dude never disappoints.

Click below for the rest.


Photogallery: Federal Launch Party

George Marshall came through with a bunch of pics from Federal’s product release party.

Click below to check those out.


Dan Lacey Frame Promo

I’m posting this promo of Dan Lacey talking about his signature frame for 4 reasons:

Dan Lacey is one of my favorite riders.
There’s clips of him riding.
English accents are cool.
That last clip! WTF?


Via – Federal

Ty & Lacey & Barcelona.

dan lacey, bmx, federal

Anytime the words Dan Lacey and Ty Morrow show up in my inbox, I know it’s gonna be good. This is no exception. Click below to check it out.

Filmed during a 4 day Barcelona trip by Charlie Jobling and Sebastian Keep.
Edited by – Edd Allen


crisman/federal edit

I love watching Bruce Crisman ride. He’s definitely got his own way of getting stuff done, and this Federal edit shows that.

Federal have put together a farewell best-of video of Bruce, which you can check out below.


TY MORROW / dan lacey

ty morrow

Federal welcome Ty Morrow to the team. Click below to check out the web edit, which also features Dan Lacey. Dudes are good.

Thanks to Federal for the heads up.


New Federal Clothing

Federal just released a bunch of new t-shirts and hoodies as well as a rad video of Max Vincent.

Check out the clothing on their site and the video after the jump – READ MORE