Quintin with FBM for Mike Tag

Quintin and FBM have teamed up to make a special hat, designed with a tough and gritty look to represent Mike Tag and his fight with Lymphoma. To show your support for Mike, you can purchase these from your local shop or mail order, or ask them to carry it. All proceeds go to the Mike Tag fund.

Click below to see more photos and prebook information, and go here to read more and check out a compilation of Mike Tag videos for a dose of Mike Tag’s influential riding and, as Crandall put it, “calculated insanity”.


FBM 2011 Photo Slideshow

Crandall put together a slideshow of pics from 2011. Click below to check it out.


FBM Northeast Roadtrip

Hit up FBM for a flipbook of their recent Northeast trip. Thousand yard stare!!!!

Preview: FBM’s Thousand Yard Stare

Steve Crandall and the FBM crew are at it again with a new one called “Thousand Yard Stare”, which you can check a preview of by clicking below.

But first, some words from the Cran Man!

Some time ago, after various web edits, mixtapes, and road trip video’s, the FBM crew decided to embark on a journey towards our first full feature DVD in a long while…

Minus the equipment, the budget and the resource that many projects require, we relied solely on the character, creativity, and the sheer talent of the guys who make up FBM, and gave it a shot. No hype, no bells and whistles, and not likely to to appeal to the candy fed mainstream, we proudly put together this new video, featured in this preview.

These are the guys that make FBM so unique, It’s an honor to say I am a part of the group, and to be able to share this with everyone. For us, this is BMX, this is how we live it, and like they say, It’s like you are really seeing beyond, when you have been in the shit for so long, you get that look, the Thousand Yard Stare… Enjoy!

– Steve Crandall


Disposed: FBM Megatour 10

Joel Barnett was on the latest Mega Tour with the FBM crew and shot a bunch of great photos for a Disposed gallery. Enjoy!

“What happens when you take 11 dudes, put them in a short bus and ship them to Texas? You unmistakeably have an awesome FBM road trip! During the first part of March, the FBM crew of fun-having-bandits, ventured onto Prop’s Mega Tour 10 to shake things up and let the good times do some rolling! We were privileged enough to setup home base in Stew Johnson’s backyard in Austin (thanks again Stew!) and do some freestylin’ around that area of Texas. We had ziplines, airsoft guns, mousetraps, Chief, bottled Coke’s, the pizza/ice cream/taco power trio and some heavy metal jams to keep us stoked along the journey. I managed to snap some disposables of the adventures while off the bike and almost 5 months later, I finally got them developed. Huge thanks to Marco and Props, Steve, Stew, Clint and Matty, Terrell, Keith, Darryl, San Antonio Nick, Corrigan, Joe Rich, the BSD dudes and of course Chief!”


FBM’s Mike Tag Jam

FBM threw a fundraiser jam for Mike Tag in Ithaca this weekend, where they raised a bunch of money.

Click HERE to check out some pics and HERE if you wish to lend a helping hand.

Big Dave

FBM have a lot of history in BMX, and you can bet that Big Dave has been a big part of it. However, all good things come to an end and Dave is moving on from FBM.

ESPN have a good interview with Dave about it all. It’s a good read.

Check that out HERE.

FBM Update

The FBM dudes done gone crazy and updated their site with over 100 pics of the crew, as well as added a new Media page where you can check out the FBM doc ‘I love My Bicycle’.


Mike Tag

BMX legend and OG FBM shredder Mike Tag has been diagnosed with Cancer, and like many people, he does not have health insurance. Hard news for sure.

Read about it all on ESPN and hit up FBM to help.

We’re pullin for ya Tag!

Click below to check out Tag’s part in All Time Low.


FBM / Jackson Allen

Jackson Allen is now on FBM’s flow bro program. You may remember Jackson from such web edits as THIS one.

Click below to peep a new one for FBM.



Crandall put together a bunch of photos from 2010, which you can check out HERE. If you click below, you can get a little preview, and there is also a slideshow at the end.



Anthem / FBM Steadfast Frame

Crandall just sent through info on their upcoming Anthem 2 Steadfast frame. Read on:

Ever since the early 90’s FBM has shared a storied history with Stew Johnson, as friends that lived together, traveled together, and grew up with, in and on BMX. From his days doing Scum clothing, through the release of Home of the Brave, working as a producer for Props, RoadFools and even network television, and now in 2010 as he releases one of the most anticipated sequels in BMX today, Stew’s been a friend a colleague and a role model to us at FBM.

To celebrate Anthem 2’s release, FBM will be doing a limited run of Anthem/FBM Steadfast frames, The Anthem edition Steadfast will come in 20.75″, 21″, 21.5″ in flat black and gloss white, with 14mm drop outs and seat stay brakes. We offer 3/8 drop outs and chain stay brakes are available for pre-orders only. This frame will also feature a slightly smaller 1-1/4″ O.D Top Tube, Overlapped seat stay junction, and with out the integrated seat clamp. The Frame also features chrome die cut Anthem stickers, and a sweet Anthem/Steadfast headbadge! In addition, each frame will include the Anthem 2 Double Disc set, and a Limited Edition Screen Printed Anthem Poster.

Go HERE for more info.

FBM Gypsy Flipbook & Trailer

FBM just dropped a flipbook from the Gypsy Caravan Tour, which you can check out HERE.

Also, click below to check out the Gypsy 3 DVD trailer.


2011 FBM Completes

FBM just dropped a flipbook for their 2011 complete bikes. Check it out HERE.

The Story of FBM

Yes!!!! Joe Stakun’s documentary on FBM is online (possibly for one week only?).

via – @fbmbmx