Brian Tunney: Chris Hallman’s FBM ad Years

It all started with a tweet… and here we are. In this submission, Brian Tunney pays tribute to Chris Hallman and his FBM ad days.

Click below to read some words from Tunney, along with some (low res) Chris Hallman helmed FBM ads.



I’ve known Crandall for a long time, so it’s kind of strange that it took this long to get him on the site in some sort of personal Q&A form. He’s been featured here a bunch, but never like this. Perhaps I always struggled with how to approach it, thinking that Steve has been well documented and just falsely assuming that people know everything about him. With that said, here we are.

This Q&A is broken up into 4 digestible topics, which feels like a good approach. We discuss Art, Announcing Contests, The FBM bus and FBM.

Click below to read up.


FBM Lost Bowl Jam

Good times in a backyard playground.


An FBM summer in 6 minutes.

Premiere: Beat Ass


Fraser Byrne hopped on the recent Lords of Fun trip with camera in hand, documenting everything and anything that came along the way. The resulting travelogue is called “Beat Ass”, and I’m stoked to be premiering it here on Defgrip.

Shout out to Steve Crandall, Fraser Byrne and Make Your Bones.

Click below to check it out.


Photogallery: Beat Ass


Here are some awesome photos courtesy of Korey Kryder from the FBM/Lords of Fun/Beat Ass adventures. Loooooving the feel of these. Good ‘ol film.

We’ll be premiering the Beat Ass travelogue here on Friday, so be sure to check back.

Click below to eyeball the photos. Please note, I would normally post these in our normal gallery, but the format of the pics would be annoying to view on smaller screens.


Beat Ass

Not a porno, an FBM/Lords of Fun travelogue. Looking forward to this. Check back soon.

In the meantime, if you need some new FBM stuffs, eyeball some newness HERE.

Vic Ayala "All Time Low"

This section still gets me hyped to ride. If you have never seen it then you should change that now.


DIY Mega Ramp

Unreal… the HELLBUS got flipped! Good times FBM style right here.

Go HERE for photos.

Mike Tag Forever

FBM is reintroducing the Night Train (Tag’s frame), with all proceeds being donated to the Ithaca Skatepark Fund. Go HERE for more info, then watch this heavy edit FBM put together.

In case you missed it, check out the Mike Tag feature we put together in honor of him.

Wu-Tang Cran

I laughed.

Follow FBM’s Steve “photoshop master” Crandall on Instagram – @crandallfbm

Photogallery: FBM @ Dew Tour

Steve Crandall and the FBM crew headed to the recent Dew Tour in Maryland, armed with Christian Hewett and his camera. Click below to check out the pics from their trip.

Be sure to check out the edit that goes along with this too.


New FBM Softgoods

FBM have some new softgoods available. Click HERE to check them out in look book form.

Furthermore, Crandall hooked up some overspill photos that you can check out below. Courtesy of Christian Hewett and Crandall himself.


New FBM Softgoods

New FBM softgoods available now. Check ’em HERE.

Quintin auction for Mike Tag

This morning, starting right now, Quintin is auctioning off the above package of gear to the highest bidder, with all proceeds going to the Mike Tag fund. To bid, go to Quintin’s Facebook page or INSTAGRAM (@quintinco).

Here’s what the highest bidder gets:

1 – Quintin x FMB Mike Tag hat (the only one currently in existence)
2 – A USS Quintin Co hat
3 – A Quintin Tee
4 – A Quintin money clip
5 – A Pendleton x Quintin wallet (not for sale, and only given to team riders and brand extended family)
6 – A bag of Intelligentsia x Quintin coffee (not for sale, and only given to team riders and brand extended family)
7 – Unreleased Quintin stickers

The auction goes until Thursday (January 19th) 5PM – PST. The winner of the auction will be kindly asked to make the donation directly into the Mike Tag Fund, and in return, Quintin will send him or her all of the above, half of which is not available to the public.

Get in there!