I was highly amused and enthralled by this instructional edit. Didn’t even know this was possible, haha…

From DC’s Roughing It Tour:

It’s become tradition on the Roughing It Tour to mess with announcer/photographer Fat Tony’s bike, and this year Allan Cooke and Anthony Napolitan walk through how to double or triple the weight of your friend’s bmx bike.

Fat / Travis

In keeping with the photography theme…

Fat Tony occasionally puts together “Behind The Photo” type posts for his blog, and he just put one up of a Travis Collier pic he took for his flatland calendar, which was one of my favorite ones in there.

These posts are usually in depth and pretty informative. Read about it HERE.

Photogallery: Fat Tony-East Africa

Fat Tony recently went on a trip to East Africa. Prior to him leaving, I had mentioned that I would be down to post some photos on Defgrip if he was into it. He was, and came back with some great stuff that he was willing to share with us.

According to Fat:
I spent the first two weeks of December traveling through East Africa where I met amazing people, heard incredible stories, and saw unbelievable sights. It will no doubt take me years to process everything I witnessed, and I may never be able to fully explain what my mind and heart went through, but I feel it is my duty to do my best in sharing what I can, so here are some photographs from my journey. Enjoy.

Click below to check it all out.



It’s been quite unusual around So. Cal the last few days. Not really unusual to most parts of the world, but if you live here, it’s like the end of the world is coming. It ain’t all sunshine all the time, haha…

Anyway, a pretty gnarly storm came through today with lots of rain and wind. I grew up on the east coast so I can attest that it was pretty gnarly. I was even kinda scared. We had a power outage and some spots even had Tornado warning’s. Like I said, end of the world type shit.

In addition to all that, some spots have flooded big time which Fat Tony did a good job of documenting in Long Beach, CA.

Photogallery: Fat Tony/Ecuador

Fat Tony recently took a trip to Ecuador and was kind enough to contribute some photos from the trip.

Click below to check those out.