Jason Nocito

Jason Nocito Photography

Jason Nocito is a photographer who’s done a lot of work for The Fader and Nylon. Check out more of his work after the jump.


Mario Testino

Mario Testino Fashion Photography

Mario Testino, one of the biggest fashion photographers in the world, blows me away. I spent hours going through his massive archive of photos on his site the other day and was taken back by every photo I looked at. Testino’s fashion photos have always grabbed my eye, but the images I’m even more drawn to are his candid point and shoot stuff. He is known for taking his Contax everywhere he goes and has produced some incredible images and even published a book with his point and shoot stuff alone. I uploaded a few of my favorite shots after the jump, but you have to spend time on his website to really get the feel for all the work he has produced.


Coachella Photos


Contributing Editor has a rad photo series from Coachella on their site. All the photos are shot with film and document all the style and action that went down at the festival. (via hypebeast)

Check out the series here.

Her Famed Good Looks

Her Famed Good Looks

I must admit that I’m very into models. Her Famed Good Looks is a website which catalogs photographs of all sorts of models, from editorial to advertising shots. If you know of a model that’s not in their directory, you’re an aficionado.

Check the site out here.

Check the directory/galleries here.

New Industry Arts

New Industry Arts

Check out a rad photo blog/site focusing on fashion photography. newindustryarts.com

Maciek Kobielski

maciek kobielski photography

Maciek Kobielski is a photographer I came across while browsing through some magazines at the news stand on Friday. I don’t remember what magazine I saw his work in, but I did recognize some of his photos from the latest Rock & Republic ads… He has A LOT of great shots on his portfolio and I had a hard time slimming down my favorite picks. So check out a bunch of Maciek’s photos after the jump and check out even more his site – maciekkobielski.com.


Ryan Bailey Photography

ryan bailey photography

Ryan Bailey, another great photographer residing in the infamous Snake Lounge in Brooklyn, has updated his portfolio. He’s got a great mix of people/hot girls, landscapes, and some BMX photos.

Check his portfolio here and check out some shots after the jump – READ MORE

David Bellemere

david bellemere photography

David Bellemere’s LA series is driving me crazy. Seriously amazing. David is a fashion photographer and you can see his work on the agency Blanpied Rubini’s anti screen capture site. Check out a few shots from the LA series after the jump.


Ruvan Wijesooriya

ruvan wijesooriya fashion photography

Enjoy some more photography today, this time from New York based photographer, Ruvan Wijesooriya. Ruvan stuff is primarily fashion and I was really drawn in by all his colors. He has two sites up with his work. One is his portfolio site and the other, titled Iller Filler, is more of a random photo showcase. Check out some of his work after the jump.


Photo Dump

matt irwin photography

So, I started a new folder in my bookmarks called Photography – 2009… A few of my bookmark folders like photography and design get filled up super quick, so I’ve found that breaking them up into years works good for me. So, since the year is young and my 09 folder isn’t super full yet, I thought I’d share all the good stuff I’ve come across.

Check out the links after the jump… Enjoy! – READ MORE

Editor & Art Director


Editor & Art Director is a rad independent fashion(ish) magazine that I came across on the Neu Army Blog. I was super psyched on a bunch of the spreads, so check out some pages of the magazine after the jump.


S Magazine


This is a good link for anyone who like’s hot girls and photography. It’s a bit NSFW, but it’s definitely worth checking out. The magazine is based on giving the contributor and editors the freedom to do whatever they want. “Why can’t one shoot a spread of naked midgets?”

Check out S Magazine here.

Point and Shoot

PK 03 - ADV DOPPIE.indd

As the readers of Defgrip already know, we are all big fans of the whole point and shoot style of photography. Almost everyone that contributes to Defgrip has a point and shoot and while it may not always be my main camera, I do use one a lot. I acquired a Yashica T4 from David Lang about 7 months ago, but on my way to the airport in Las Vegas, I left it in the back of a town car. I have put off picking a new one up, so I could spend more time with my other cameras, but the time has come and and I’m on the hunt for a new point and shoot. At the moment, I’m leaning towards a Contax T2 over a new Yashica T4 and while I was doing some research, I came across this great article form 2002, in the now defunct Face magazine, about the whole point and shoot movement in fashion photography. If you are into anything Terry Richardson does, you need to read this article and google some of the names in it because there’s some great history and even better photographers like Mario Testino, Jurgen Teller, Corinne Day, and most notably Nan Goldin, (who is quoted in the article “arguably the biggest influence on fashion photography in the past 15 years”) that have really pushed the whole point and shoot thing to where it is today.

Check it out here.