The Many Lives of William Klein

Of course for my first post I pick a lengthy documentary, but if you have time to sit back and watch this, you won’t be disappointed. William Klein is probably one of the most influential street photographers as well as one of the great early fashion photographers of the 20th century.  He’s one bad ass old man to boot….he does whatever he wants.  The stories this man must have!!!

Rickard Sund


I was really drawn into the latest series of photos posted on Cali Kartel by Rickard Sund. I ended up spending some time Sund’s website and continued to be drawn in by the very colorful, but at the same time, almost muted colors, and the reoccurring distant expressions on the models faces.

Check out more of Sund’s photos after the jump – READ MORE

Angela Boatwright


Angela Boatwright has updated her website with some incredible photos. I remember seeing her stuff for the first time in old issues of Mass Appeal and I’ve always loved her work. The new site has a good mix of new and old photos and I grabbed a few of my favorite shots to check out after the jump.
(via monster childern)