Top 10 Defgrip posts of 2011

It’s pretty crazy another year has come and gone… One of my favorite things about New Years is going through all our old posts and seeing what was the most viewed. Like we’ve done over the past few years, here’s a list we compiled featuring the top 10 most viewed posts on the site. As I explained last year, this list is a bit skewed because posts that went up earlier in the year have had more time to gain views, but surpassingly the number one most viewed post was just put up a few days ago… So even though posts that went up earlier in the year might have more time to get views, the list always seems to be pretty spot on.

The best part about this list, is aside from a few posts, everything in the list is either original content, or exclusive content that we worked with brands/people on. That has always been our main goal – to bring the best original content as possible – and it looks like it’s paying off!

Huge thanks to everyone who continues to support the site and everyone that we worked with to bring you the amazing content that we’ve had on the site over the past year. We have lots in store for 2012 and can’t wait for another amazing year!

Keep reading to check out the top 10 and have an amazing New Years!!!


Original: Nike Pool

Back in May, Nuno and I headed out to England to shoot photos and film the Nike Pool jam. I had no idea what to expect when I was heading there, but the Nike Pool jam ended up being one of the best contest I have ever been to… not only from a riding standpoint, but also the vibe was amazing, everyone was having so much fun, the ramps were amazing, the free food, free beer… I could go on…

Aside from the whole weekend being so much fun, the building and the ramps were amazing for filming. Great colors, interesting architecture, the two floors with windows looking down at the ramps. I was a kid in a candy store. This edit is more of a reflection of the weekend. A montage of a bunch of random stuff. I missed some bangers, filmed lots of random stuff and had a really fun time putting it all together… Enjoy!



In case some of you have missed any of the sweet video content we have brought you this year, here they all are in one place.

The videos are embedded from (mostly) oldest to newest, and you will find interviews as well as riding edits. As I was compiling this, I kept being reminded of all the great stuff from this year that I had forgotten about.



Carhartt Owain Clegg Exclusive


Check out an exclusive Carhartt edit with Owain Clegg at the Boneyard! The edit was put together by Richard Forne, the Nike 6.0 apprentice winner and you can check it out after the jump!


Matty Long Exclusive

Screen shot 2009-11-13 at 3.24.59 AM

Matty Long hit us up with an awesome exclusive edit put together by his brother Chris Long.
Click play and enjoy!


TJD X Defgrip Mix

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Check out a mix edit from the TJD crew for Defgrip featuring Matty Long, Chris Childs, Dan Foley, Craig Passero, and Garrett Reeves!

How Do I Get My Ex Girlfriend Back That I Love

Ben Hittle: Defgrip Exclusive

We are excited to bring you an exclusive edit of Ben Hittle. We don’t have much info other than that it’s got some amazing clips and the filming and editing is dialed! Hope you enjoy!

Click here to watch the Ben Hittle Exclusive.

These Day’s Exclusive Trailer

Stewart Munro hooked us up with a nice exclusive trailer for his new film “These Days”. The trailer is rad and I can’t wait to check out the video. Kurt from BMX Union just posted a review that you can see here and check out the trailer after the jump.