Etnies in Europe

A dope video by Walter Pieringer of the Etnies team in Europe. Check it!

MacNeil Europe Tour

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MacNeil is also going on tour. Kevin Kiraly and Dillon Lloyd will be trekking through Europe. Check out the info above and keep an eye out for updates at While you are over there, make sure to check out their new team pages that have just been updated.

Old Photo Magazines

I posted on a camera I got from Michaela’s family when we were visiting them in Bratislava, Slovakia a few months back, but I also scored a few other amazing things. Fotografia and Fotografie were two photography magazines published in Czechoslovakia. The copies I have span from 1972 – 1974. The quality of the magazines them self is not amazing, but the photos inside them are. I’m not sure how distribution worked back then and if these magazines even traveled outside of Czechoslovakia, but Michaela’s family had quite a few copies of the magazines and I ended up coming home with a few issues. But while I was out there, I went through every issue they had, taking photos of everything that caught my eye. Not only were the magazines filled with great photography, there’s some beautiful graphic design and some great old ads for cameras like Olympus, Praktica, Pentacon, and even some local camera stores.