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Nobody is paying me to say this, nobody asked me to plug these and I know damn well that Etnies is pushing these hard right now…. but these new Etnies Scouts are awesome. That's straight from the heart maaaan!

I got some black Scouts prior to Texas Toast Jam as I knew that I would be standing/running on concrete for 3 days, so I had to step up my foot comfort game. Basically…  these things are light, comfortable, cushion-y and I fully recommend them as a chilling/lifestyle shoe. Plus, everyone wants to look as cool as Chase Hawk.

Hit up Etnies for all the info and technical-ness on them.


Etnies Evolution Foam




Etnies has some sweet new technicalness for your feets. If you follow any of their team riders on Instagram, you may have caught some info on it. If not, click through this handy flipbook.

On This Date Last Year…

We posted Tom Dugan’s musicless “Full Throttle” Etnies edit. Never forget.

Satan Laughs As Slattery Eternally Kicks Your Ass!!!!!!!!

The title of this is technically “Roll With It”, but I like mine better.

From Etnies:
Geoff spends so much time in the air, whether on a plane or on his bike. He’s been busy traveling and stacking footy from all over, but not too busy for an etnies edit… guess he just Rolls With It. Here’s Slattery slaying it. Props to anyone who can name all these spots!

Etnies Marana


If you follow etnies on Instagram and such, you may have noticed a noticeable push for the Marana shoe lately. I noticed, so I hit up Povah for more info. Before everyone freaks out and gets all BMX jihad, The Marana is aligned with Ryan Sheckler  (red version only). He is a heartthrob, so it’s all good. If you can’t get ass in these, you might as well just wear these everywhere. Even Chase Hawk is a fan.

For real though, they look good.

Click below for pics and info on the Marana.


Summer Grind

Quite the collection of footage that the Etnies crew amassed on their summer trip.

Features Aaron Ross, Chase Dehart, Corey Martinez, Tony Hamlin, Tom Dugan, Brian Kachinsky and made enjoyably viewable by Mike Manzoori.

Click below.


Insta-Gallery: Etnies X Cinema in Portland

Over the summer, the etnies and Cinema crews rented an apartment in Portland for 10 days and proceeded to grace the city with their 20″ mastery. The crew consisted of Corey Martinez, Chase Dehart, Tony Neyer, Sean Sexton and Dakota Roche.

Evidence of said 20″ mastery can be SEEN RIGHT HERE.

In addition, we have a gallery of this trip that Povah compiled of Instagram pics from all of the crew. Click below to check that out.


Etnies X Mutiny

Sneakers, hats and Tees. Available HERE.

Click below for a promo featuring Josh Bedford.


Nashville Brake

Nathan’s Grey/White/Green BRAKE color way is available now, along with other options. Nathan’s skills are not for sale unfortunately, so you will have to settle for his signature shoe. Click below to watch said skills.

From Etnies:
The etnies Brake is the first shoe made specifically for brakeless BMX riding! Nathan Williams worked closely with the design team to create the Brake; exactly what he and all the brakeless BMX riders need. The Brake is a cupsole with a more durable rubber on the toe and heel of the outsole so the rider doesn’t wear through it. This BMX-specific outsole features a herringbone step pattern designed to grip pedals, but also releases when needed without tearing. A dense EVA shank in the midsole arch provides extra protection from the pedals without sacrificing pedal feel, while softer EVA on the toe and heel provide extra flexibility and comfort. It also has a triple-stitched overlay toe for durability and an STI Foam Level 1 cushioning footbed for support. The fall 2012 Brake comes in black/grey and brown/blue as well as Nathan Williams’ grey/white/green colorway. Price: $75.


Martinez @ 4Down Park

What better way to break in your new private ramp facility than to fly Corey Martinez over to flex his super human bike handling capabilities all over said ramp facility? I don’t know…

This is the first edit of many to come I’m sure.

Etnies in India

Really enjoyed this video documenting Arron Ross, Nathan Williams, and Tom Dugan’s Etnies trip to India. Loved hearing them talk about the trip and there’s some great visuals to go along with the commentary… Definitely looks like a crazy trip and shout out to Walter Pieringer for putting together a great video!

Etnies Fall 2012

Forget Corey and Nathan, the description to this had me at Ryan Sheckler! He’s sooooooooooooooooooooo dreamy!!!!!!

If you can keep your eyes off Ryan Sheckler, you will get a glimpse of Etnies Fall 2012 collection as well as Corey and Nathan in the promo below. Cool stuff.


6,400 Miles w/ Ruben Alcantara

Ruben sat down with his long time sponsors etnies and Terrible one to work on the ideal shoe which match his style and riding. The etnies RVM Ruben Alcantara shoes (photo below) are available now at etnies retailers worldwide and on etnies.com.

Join Ruben on his 6,400 mile trip and hear what he has to say about his new etnies colorway in this edit.


Kachinsky behaving beast like.

Etnies in Europe

A dope video by Walter Pieringer of the Etnies team in Europe. Check it!