ESPN Michael Jordan Commercial

This commercial from ESPN is so dope… The disappointments in life when you share the same name as one of the greatest basketball players of all time… Such a good concept!

Alistair Whitton House Check

Ali’s got a rad house check on ESPN at his new huge pad in PA. Check out all the photos on ESPN and keep an eye out for a little art project Ali and I worked on a few years ago!

Tom Dugan

Check out an exciting house check with Fit/Odyssey’s Tom Dugan on ESPN.

Big Dave

FBM have a lot of history in BMX, and you can bet that Big Dave has been a big part of it. However, all good things come to an end and Dave is moving on from FBM.

ESPN have a good interview with Dave about it all. It’s a good read.

Check that out HERE.

ODSY-VISION: G. Boyd / Texas Toast

Here’s the latest ODSY-VISION which starts off with some George Boyd and leads into Texas Toast.

Click below for the ESPN coverage as well.



Jamie Bestwick House Check

Jamie Bestwick has a really dope house check up on ESPN. Keep reading to see a few images and click here to check out the whole feature!


Chase Hawk’s House

Following Aaron Ross, Chase Hawk has a dope house check up on ESPN. Chase lives in a rad apartment in Austin equipped with a iPod doc in the wall, pool, video game room, and lots more awesome shit that you wish you had. Check it out!


BMX Artifacts w/ Ardelean

Our boy Mike Ardelean has a rad BMX Artifacts feature with ESPN. Check it out.

ESPN Stranger Interview

Tunney just dropped an interview with Rich Hirsch about Stranger over on the ESPN site. It’s a good read and Rich drops a little more insight on what the company is about and what’s going on with it in the future.

Check it out on ESPN.

Mutiny Office Check

ESPN has a great feature on the Mutiny Bikes office, shot by Sandy Carson. Ever wonder what a BMX office looks like? Check out the gallery and find out!


Ryan Worcester

Photographer, Skier, and BMXer Ryan Worcester has a great photo feature on ESPN showcasing a bunch of his classic photos. Check it out here!

BMX Artifacts with Biz

Joe Cookie hit me up with a link to a video he did on the ESPN site. It’s called BMX Artifacts and for the first episode, he sat down with Biz at his parents house in Lynn, MA. Biz goes through his BMX career, talking about his current past sponsors, frames he rode, contests went to, and how is one Gravity Games medal compares to Bohans stacks of X-Games medals.

You can watch the video with Biz on ESPN.

Chad Moore Interview on ESPN

chad moore photography espn interview

Photographer Chad Moore has a really good interview on ESPN conducted by Nick Ferreira. Chad talks about BMX, Florida, New York, and what it’s like working for famed photographer Ryan McGinley.



Defgrip contributor Andrew White has a Photo gallery on ESPN, which you can check out HERE.

Mike Vincent Interview


I had a great talk with my buddy Mike Vincent yesterday and he reminded me of this interview that Brian Tunney conducted with him for the ESPN website. It’s a good short read with a lot of information on his accident, his life now, and how we all can help.