New Empire BMX Good Idea Vol.1 video for your viewing pleasure. Full Chase Hawk part and a slew of other guests. Filmed and edited by Bob Scerbo, who also sent through some pics from the making of the vid. Click below to check them out.


On This Date Last Year…

We posted the Empire Argentina Vacation video.

Q&A: Joe Rich VS. Thomas Williams

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I’m happy to present you with the 4th installment in our “VS.” series.

The idea for this series is basically to do an ongoing interview of sorts, where the previous interviewee goes on to interview someone of their choosing. Previously, Jay Roe interviewed Joe Rich, and now Joe has chosen to interview Empire’s Tom Williams.

Click below and Enjoy!


Empire 10 Year Collection


Empire is celebrating 10 years in business with a new collection of awesome stuff… To go along with the awesome stuff, they sent though an awesome lookbook with a bunch of great images. Keep reading to check out a bunch of photos and all their new goods, including NASCAR hats, glass mugs and glass pints, skate decks, bandanas and so much more!


Empire: Argentina Vacation

I’m pretty sure Tom and Tina decided on Argentina as a destination because Argentina has “Tina” in it, and Tina wears the pants at Empire. That may or may not be how it went down, but Tom Dugan, Aaron Ross, Kevin Porter and Devon Hutchins for SURE went to Argentina and filmed it.

Why Empire’s Bad Idea Works For Me.

It seems like just yesterday that Tom from Empire was berating (playfully more or less) Dave Parrick on Twitter for the delays on wrapping up Bad Idea. That berating seemed to go on forever, was comical and whether Empire knew it or not, it turned into somewhat of a natural built in marketing plan for the video. Well, It’s finally here. I purchased my copy a week or so ago.

In a nutshell:
Great riding + Dave Parrick’s touch + Surprising/adventurous Soundtrack = Bad Idea

Going on and on about the cast of riders in this video would be a waste of your time, because you should already be familiar with how uniquely talented they all are. Tom Smith is the only exception to this as he is somewhat unknown, but is certainly a nice addition. Everyone shines.

Where this video becomes uber-enjoyable for me, is through Dave’s editing and the music selection. I am actually in AWE of the music chosen for this video and how well each song works with each respective part. There are certain songs that you think would never work in a BMX video, that totally end up working in Bad Idea. There are no far reaching obscure songs or “flavor of the moment” acts, just timeless music that most of you will surely know. I am not going to rattle off any bands, you will have to get the video to find out or scour the internets. Perhaps my musical tastes just match well with whoever chose music, but the formula is a good one.

As for Dave, what can I say? If he had to spend the last 2171475 years making sure the riding, editing and music was in perfect harmony, than I’d say it was all worth it. Not too long, not too short, easily watchable. Good job.

Pick up Bad Idea if you like owning classics.


Empire: Modest Summer Offering

Click below to check out some new softgoods from the folks over at Empire.

Available now.



Tony Cardona. Here he is with a gnarly, feel-good edit for Empire. Good to see some new shit from this dude.

Hit up Ride BMX to check it out.

Smoking The Bowl

Here’s your first look at Empire’s new ramp setup.

Thanks to Ryan Corrigan, James Nutter, Clint Reynolds, and other helpful hands, the Empire BMX bowl has been rebuilt after our move to a new location one year ago. here’s a little fun jam we held one night after work, we hope you enjoy!

riders: Mat Roe, Kyle Davenport, Andy Martinez, Hanson Little, Joseph Frans, Danny Hickerson, Chase Hawk, Kevin Porter, Tony Cardona, Tommy Dugan

filmed by Ryan Navazio and Joe Simon

edited by Joe Simon

Photo Of The Day: Empire BMX

Tom from Empire will be taking over the P.O.T.D. for the next month. Keep an eye on the sidebar.

Thanks to Edwin for kicking ass last month.

Empire “Bad Idea” Premiere

It’s a “good idea” to attend this premiere if you can.

Empire “Bad Idea” Interbike Bromo

Here’s the final promo for Empire BMX’s next video, entitled “Bad Idea”. Due November (of this year).


New Empire Team Rider is…

Click below.


Chase / Ross / Empire / B.I.K.E.

Chase Hawk & Aaron Ross go at it for Empire.

The other day we started the day off with a little session at the 45th street ditch. While waiting for everyone to meet up, Chase and Aaron decided to play a quick game of B.I.K.E. for fun. The game ended up lasting a lot longer than we anticipated with Aaron doing some tricks he has never even done before. Enjoy…


-No tricks that require brakes. (Fufanus and Abubacas)

-No tailwhips or barspins. (Kinda)

-Last letter gets two tries.

-Some tricks may have to be redone if not pulled clean.

Filmed and edited by: devonhutchins.com

Dylan Smith / Empire BMX

Here’s Dylan Smith doing it for Empire BMX. Dirt, street and park… it’s all here. Fan.

Filmed and edited by Ryan Smith, with Devon Hutchins on the titles and graphics.

Click below.