ODSY-VISION: Broc Raiford

Broc Raiford for Odyssey.

Shadow: Best of 2011

Some “Best of 2011” stuff from Shadow.

Special shout out to Rickey Bates.

Rebel Jam Edit

Dominik Wrobel was on hand at this years Rebel Jam and was kind enough to put together this edit of the festivities for us.

Thanks Dom!


[Re-Up] AOTC in Portland

More info HERE. Open for embedding.

Tony Neyer

Tony Neyer for Verde.

Filmed and Edited by Will Stroud
Additional filming by Chris Long

Demolition Northwest Trip Edit

Here’s an edit from Demolition’s Northwest Trip. Check the flipbook from the trip in case you missed it.

Filmed by: Christian Rigal and Chris Long
Edited by: Chris Long


Теневой советский Тур

I really hope that title makes sense, haha…

Trey Jones, Ben Hucke, Ryan Sher, and Seth Kimbrough took the road less traveled when they headed out to Moscow, Russia for 14 days. Add in owner Ronnie B., photographer Ryan Fudger, and myself, and it made for one of the most memorable trips we’ve ever had. Check it out!

Filmed and Edited by Ryan Chadwick
Additional Filming by Ben Hucke


Dan Lacey & Bruno Hoffmann

…for Federal. Automatic embed.

Filmed by: Devon Hutchins
Edited by: Edd Allen
Music: ‘Parrowdice’ by Klashnekoff

Let’s Didgeridoo This

Didgeridoo. Australian for wind instrument.

T-1. American for AWESOME!!

Click below for 16 minutes of T-1 in Australia.


Mike Jonas / Defgrip Edit

If you enjoy watching a dude who looks like he is visibly having fun on his bike, than you will enjoy this edit of Mike Jonas. You may have seen Mike’s article in the latest DIG, and now you can see what he is all about.

Shout out to Chris McMahon for putting this together for us.


The HUNT “Best Line” Bonus Edit

We were able to add two bonus awards to The Hunt this year and this Best Line compilation is worth a watch. The evolution of street has been pointing towards lines, lines lines for a couple years now, but linking tricks in parks in mini ramps has been around forever. Featuring Dylan Stark, Chad Kerley, Kyle Baldock, Dillon Lloyd, Russell Wadlin, Anthony Pearson, Chris Gille, Chris Russell, Marcus Tooker, Paul Horan, Zack Gerber, Tony Neyer, and Grant Castelluzzo. Who has the best line? Next week they will have and extra $1000 burning a hole in their pocket. Presented by Monster Energy Drink.

Tweet your picks to @defgripcrew @thehuntbmx


The HUNT “Best Trick” Bonus Edit

After launching The Hunt back in the spring, Pro-Tec came to us an wanted to kick down an extra grand for the rider who really took riding to the next level. We came up with The Pro-Tec Progression Impression Best Trick Bonus for $1000.

While the judges are making their final decisions on the top-ten riders who will be featured in the final DVD, we used their input to cut this best-trick reel and we want you to give us your best picks. This footage is made of up stand-out tricks nominated by the judges and the filmers, and Will Stroud will be looking at your tweets when he makes the final call on who get the cheddar. This is going to be a tough one.

Tweet at @defgripcrew and/or @thehuntbmx with your picks.


Miles Rogoish ++ Subrosa ++ Defgrip

Here’s a cool piece on Miles Rogoish where he discusses riding, filming and how he got to where he is now, mixed in with some great clips from before he broke his collarbone.

Thanks to EVERYONE involved for hooking this up.

Interview by: Tony Ennis

Filmed by: Tony Malouf, Jeff Wescott, Tony Ennis, Garrett Reynolds, JJ Palamere, and Lahsaan Kobza.



Official Summer Simpel Edit

On 20th of August, tens of thousands of passing spectators on Helsinki main square witnessed the second Stadi Summer Session, summertime edition of Simpel Session, going down to the history books as the biggest BMX contest ever thrown in Finland. The open-air contest brought together 67 top riders from 20 countries, with Gary Young (USA) stealing the show, Alex Coleborn (UK) coming second and Daniel Tünte (GER) taking the third place.

“The event was a big success – the line-up was better than ever before at the Simpel Session’s summer contests, the weather was great despite the worrisome forecasts, and the course was constantly surrounded by a cheering crowd. With BMX legends Darryl Nau and Andy Zeiss as announcers, the whole Helsinki main square was filled with energy, firing up one of the most amazing and inspiring Simpel Session contests so far,” said Risto Kalmre, founder and main organizer of Simpel Session.

If you missed it, be sure to check out the PHOTOGALLERY from this.