On This Date Last Year…

We posted this feel good Devon Smillie FLY edit.

Fuck Yeah Morgan Long!

… and John Hicks. Enjoyed.

That needle thread.

Cinema at Hollenbeck

Skatepark edit done right.

Featuring Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kerley, Bruno Hoffmann, Dan Lacey and Dakota Roche. Luckily, none of these guys showed up.


This is your captain speaking. Please note, the Kink PRO team are on board our mega boat on a vacation/riding experiment. They will be chilling and riding some spots when we stop through Haiti, Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Mexico. Check for them. Also, will passenger by the name of Tony Hamlin please refrain from revealing his testicles. Thanks! Welcome aboard.

Cool project.


Federal Barcelona

Mira esto. Muy bueno.

Featuring Dan Lacey, Bruno Hoffmann, Matty Long, Stevie Churchill, Roy Van Kempen, Medhi Vivens, Michal Smelko and Jason Eustathiou.

Empire: Argentina Vacation

I’m pretty sure Tom and Tina decided on Argentina as a destination because Argentina has “Tina” in it, and Tina wears the pants at Empire. That may or may not be how it went down, but Tom Dugan, Aaron Ross, Kevin Porter and Devon Hutchins for SURE went to Argentina and filmed it.

Lost in Lone Star

Enarson + Slattery + Smith + Wise + Lodes + Napolitan + Mastroni = This.

Vans x Hucker x Kosman

hucker, vans, bmx, welcome edit, justin kosman production

First off, let’s welcome HUCKER to the Vans team. Yep! Makes total sense. Congrats dude.

Second off, click below to check out his welcome edit along with a Q&A with Justin Kosman (who produced it). Now!



With a name like Tombow, one should be able to lay it down. Which he does. Shouts to Nick Benson.

Filmed and edited by Ryan Costa

The best way to get down a large amount of stairs.

Satan Laughs As Slattery Eternally Kicks Your Ass!!!!!!!!

The title of this is technically “Roll With It”, but I like mine better.

From Etnies:
Geoff spends so much time in the air, whether on a plane or on his bike. He’s been busy traveling and stacking footy from all over, but not too busy for an etnies edit… guess he just Rolls With It. Here’s Slattery slaying it. Props to anyone who can name all these spots!

Dan Wiergowski

Super human bike maneuvering dual edit posting extravaganza.

Federal in Frankfurt

If you haven’t seen this Federal In Frankurt edit, than you are not one of the 100k that have. It features Dan Lacey, Mark Love, Bruno Hoffmann, Michal Šmelko, Jared Washington, Ollie Evans and Tammy Mccarley.

This is old, why am I posting it now? Well, because Federal just dropped an interactive look book for it which is pretty cool. You can flip through and click on the riding pics which will take you to that clip in the edit. If you’ve seen the edit, this feature might not be as cool, but it’s still pretty cool, nahmean?

Click below.


ODSY VISION: Grant Germain

Grant Germain. 15. Hailing from Long Island. Yes!

Filmed & Edited by Veesh

Volume In California

Happy New Year from Volume. Filmed & Edited by Mike Mastroni, aka the 05:00 minute mark pole bonk slayer.

Drew Hosselton
Alex Raban
Jason Enns
Broc Raiford
Lil D
Tate Roskelley
Mike Mastroni
Mike Jonas
Eric Bahlman