6 Over trailer

Here is a trailer for what looks to be a full length documentary style movie about building motorcycles and riding them. Starring BMX OG Kim Boyle as well as Max Schaaf and Eddie Cleveland.

Edited by Davey and filmed by Michael Schmidt.

Daniel Benson

Daniel Benson has been updating his SITE and TUMBLR page with overspill pics from previous Albion issues.

Here’s a cool one of Eddie C.

Catching up with Eddie Cleveland

Lotek spends some time catching up with Eddie Cleveland. Jump over to their site to see what he’s been up to.


Disposed: Moeller / Biltwell 500

While I was contacting people about upcoming trips for these features, Moeller wrote back and said he was riding his motorcycle to Mexico with a crew to camp/surf and skate some pool. It sounded good to us, so we said hell yeah. The trip is dubbed the Biltwell 500.

I dropped off a disposable camera at S&M one day, and this is what came back.


Fit San Francisco Trip

Eddie Cleveland, Jackson Ratima, Josh Smit, and Raul Ruiz were going to do a Fit trip from LA to Seattle, but the weather was looking bleak in the North West, so they just chilled in SF and put together this rad edit!


Print Ad: Fit Bikes

Fit just sent through the latest print ad from Ride US. Click below to check it out.



Check out the upcoming Eddie shoe from Lotek in Turkey Blue Suede. Available in August.

Auction for Aitken

Eddie Cleveland and Marco Svizzero have set up an auction to help out Mike Aitken. This is what Marco has to say about the auction.

“Up for auction is a pair of signed Original Black Coastals in size 10 and an Original painting of the shoe on canvas. I painted the shoe and gave it to eddie as a gift when his shoe dropped. Its a combo of ink, paint, spray paint and pen. please bid, low starting price, get shoes, get art, help Aitken.”

Check it out here and support Mikey in any way possible.