[RE-UP] All Defgrip Originals

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Are you new to Defgrip? Just started checking the site over the last year or 2? Well, time to catch up on some sweet original content our crew have produced. If you’ve been with us since the beginning, there’s no harm in revisiting these again. Either way, we appreciate ya.

Harrison Boyce and Andrew McMullen have sat down with some interesting BMX & NON-BMX characters for video interviews starting back in 2008. These interviews were pretty different for BMX at the time and I think they did a good job at connecting you with these people (I didn’t produce them so I can say that, ha). Subjects include Ruben Alcantara, Cory Nastazio (probably the most talked about Original), Greyboy, The History of Oakley and much much much more…

Click below to check out all the Defgrip Originals. Enjoy!


Tom Sachs by The Selby

Check out a great video on artists Tom Sachs directed by The Selby, shot by Ed David.


The Mast Brothers

Our friend Ed David recently shot this awesome piece on the Mast Brothers for The Scout. Ed actually said it Best – so to quote, “A short documentary about two brothers, chocolate-makers, that are bringing craft back to the U.S. in an age of automation and the dulling of the American creative vision. We filmed them before they took off to set sail and to explore where their chocolate comes from.” I personally find this piece fascinating for many reasons, but how awesome would that be to sail across the world in search of goods! Respect!


Roman and Williams Video

We posted on the interior design studio–Roman and Williams–back in March, but the guys at The Scout along with the subject of one of our Defgrip Originals, Ed David, put together a great video giving you a indepth look into their office as well as other work. The visuals are amazing and it’s definitely a well put together, captivating piece.


Defgrip Original – Ed David

Getting back on track with the Defgrip Originals, we plan to bring you consistent pieces from here on out. To kick things off, we caught up with Ed David, Director of Photography, who was behind the lens on the much loved “Martin The Tailor” and “The Archive” videos. We are extremely excited about this piece and can’t wait to bring you more original content!