Hey Lloyd, could you stand like over there in case my bike….

Surely one of the finer BMX videos to come out in recent memory (in DVD form). Kink's Squash It is now online in full for you to feast your eyes on. I could conjur up some slick wording to express how much I like this video, but I won't. I really like this video. Done.

While I can watch it all the way through, I'm rolling with Doyle, Hittle, Sexton and Hamlin as my faves. Good work all around though.

Click below for the rest of the parts.


Dan’s Comp Teaser

Here’s a look at what the Dan’s Comp crew have been up too while filming for their video. Serious roster with Stew Johnson behind the camera. Win-win situation.

Look for this sometime in 2013.

United “Downtime” Video

Bored from eating too much fruit cake and listening to Aunt Gertrude?? United have you covered. Sit back and enjoy!!

Between mid January and the end of June 2011, following the release of our most recent full length DVD ‘This Is United’, we rented a small vacation apartment in Huntington Beach.

During this time, team riders from our pro, am and world teams flew out to visit, ride, relax, film some clips and soak up some of that Californian lifestyle.

Featuring: Nathan Williams, Ryan Lloyd, Corey Martinez. Alex Valentino, Ashley Charles, Ryan Metro, Luke Peeters, Geoff Slattery, Roy Van Kempen, Dan Boiski, Jimmy Rushmore, Christian Rigal, Kye Forte, Leo Forte & Dean Hearne.

Alex Magallan/Nobody Special

Alex Magallan is just too damn good–end of story. Did I mention that this is from 2006? Check out his section from the Nashville-based “Nobody Special” video above, courtesy of the Sunday.

Have Fun WIth It

The Focalpoint dudes out of Melbourne Australia just dropped a new mixtape style DVD entitled Have Fun With It, along with this promo.

Riders featured in the video are… Marnold, Daniel Johnson, Cooper Brownlee, Sam Illman, Big Salad, Lachy Swanton, Flagz, Luke Vandenberg, Jack Kelly, Mick Bayzand, Troy Jackson, Dylan Kneebone, Nick Harris, Kym Grosser, Mitchell McDonald, Codie Ryan, Phil Del Tito, Polly, Graham Stott, and Rhys Yeomans.

You can pick up copies (or some other goodies) HERE.

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Act Like You Know

Click below to check out a promo for the new ALYK video entitled “Still Here”, and then go pick it up HERE. On a related note, check out a Q&A with Bobby Simmons regarding this project over on ESPN.

How dope is that cover? Simplicity for the win!!!



Picture Box

Here’s the trailer for Proper’s upcoming video called “Picture Box”.

Features Shaun Jinks, Alex Platt, Gav Shortall, Mike Miller, Janis Cunculis, Shane Rieder, Mike Mastroni, Max Wood, and Dan Figg + Friends.


Q&A: Robbie Morales / Cult DVD

As you may know, the new Cult video is dropping as we speak. The lineup involved is stacked, and I’m anxious to finish this so I can watch my copy.

I threw some quick questions at Rob-O about the project, so click below to read up on that.


I Love My Bicycle


I Love My Bicycle, the documentary about FBM Bike Company is being released on DVD on December 10th. You can get all the info at ilovemybicyclemovie.com and check out the trailer after the jump.


Channel Four Down Vol.2 DVD

Here’s the trailer for this years Channel Four Down Dvd, which is basically all of their edits from 2009 on one disc. That last clip is great.

Click HERE for more info.

Channel Four Down Vol. 1


Fourdown Distro has compiled all of their 2008 videos, done some re-edits and packaged the whole thing together for their Vol. 1 DVD that is avalible now. They have a rad trailer on their site with some beautiful HD footage. Keep an eye out for the DVD and check out the trailer after the jump.



The US & THEM crew have their last 100 dvd’s on sale.

Click below for the trailer and more info.


Shadow Into The Void Trailer

Shadow just dropped their trailer for their DVD, Into The Void, that will be out in December. The trailer is dope and I can’t wait to see the video! Check it out after the jump.


The Levi’s Video

We usually don’t do video reviews, but Will Stroud hooked us up with a preview of the Levi’s video the other day and I just wanted to let everyone know that Corey/Dak/Nathan’s part is probably one of the best video parts I have ever seen. Their part spans over two songs and I swear the last song is full of nothing but bangers. I was blown away by how much footage they had, or even all the riders for that matter, after all the web content they released over the past year.

I was really pumped to hear that Levi’s was doing a DVD and the result turned out great. Make sure to pick the video up when it comes out, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for 2009.