VAN HOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some new shit from one of the best to ever do it.

Filmed & edited by
Will Stroud

Additional filming by
Corey Martinez

Photography by
Zack Roberts

Who Doesn’t Love Some Chris Doyle?

Earlier this year Chris Doyle made it over to Iraq to do some demos for the troops. We sent a camera with him and this is what he came back with..

Filmed by Chris Doyle
Edited by Will Stroud

Duo Print Ad – Homan / Cranmer Edit

2 for 1.

Click below to check out a new DUO print ad, as well as an edit featuring Van Homan and Scotty Cranmer.


Rust Heap

click to enlarge

My buddy Tim approached me like 1.5 years ago to create a cool looking bike to display at his shop UNIV in Encinitas. I made very lazy progress, enlisting the help of friends whenever the thought crossed my mind… a seat cover here, a headtube badge there, until we were done. All my favorite companies contributed (see who after the jump) among which was our friend Matt at The Laboratory who handcrafted a multi-layered textured paint finish that looks exactly like something that just spent a few decades at the bottom of the ocean.

In the end though, it’s just a BMX bike so Jim and I took a morning drive down to UNIV to test it out on the world’s smallest quarterpipe. Click below to see all the photos and read UNIV’s press release.


Duo X Defgrip Ride UK Ad

Duo just sent over a copy of their latest ad that’s running in Ride UK. We are super stoked because the ad features a rad shot of the Duo X Defgrip seat that we did with them along with a nice shout-out to our site! Keep reading to check out the full ad and if you haven’t picked up a seat yet, make sure you hit up your local bike shop and have them get in touch with Greenhouse or check the seat out on Dans!


Defgrip X Duo Pivotal Seat

For the past few months we have been working with Duo to design and limited edition Pivotal seat! We worked off the “S.L” shape and kept the colors simple with black top and white base. The seat has some tonal stitching and a woven label on the front, and an embossed logo on the back. We are super excited on how they turned out and cant wait to throw them on our bikes. You can get them from Greenhouse Distribution and check out a few more shots of the seat after the jump!


My advice to you? Get a job, sir!

To all you Midwestern Defgrip readers with design skills: the house of Verde, Duo and Cinema have a gig for you. Click below to read a full description of the available full-time web designer job at Greenhouse BMX. The bums will always lose.


Chris Doyle Clips

chris doyle

There is a rad video of a mini ramp session with Chris Doyle on the Duo site filmed by Will Stroud!

Check out the clips here!

New Greenhouse Site

Greenhouse Distribution, the home of Verde, DUO, Fly and Cinema Wheel Co. in the US has just launched a new site/online store.

Check out the new Greenhouse site here.