Drew Bezansen rides off a container and over an open container door during Red Bull Uncontainable in Truro, Canada on August 1st, 2015.
Drew Bezanson performs a huge Double Truck Driver during Red Bull Uncontainable in Truro, Canada on August 5th, 2015. // Scott Serfas/Red Bull Content Pool // P-20150824-00045 // Usage for editorial use only // Please go to www.redbullcontentpool.com for further information. //

Scott Serfas Photo

I thought I knew what I could expect from this video from seeing some of the container/ramp pics, but that last clip completely shocked me and had me feeling the fear, haha. Shouts to Drew Bezanson for that one.

Click below to watch the video.


Shadow Conspiracy Woodward Week

Last night as I was discussing this video with some people, I forgot that I forgot to fuckin post it. Out of all the woodward videos coming out this summer, this has been my favorite yet. Heavy crew or riders, also Simone and Ben can nose manual in and out of anything!!


Drew Bezanson by David Lang

Click below to check out a few photos of Drew Bezanson courtesy of David Lang. Shot at Joyride during a quick session.


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A few days late, but definitely worth a post. Drew Bezanson killin it.

Justin Kosman @ Random


Drew Bezanson: Ride Interview Video

Hit the jump to check out this amazing new edit Ride just released, featuring all the bangers from their interview with Drew Bezanson including the truck driver that was on Ride’s cover.



Drew “Holy Shitballs” Bezanson

Now this is a cover!!! Damn.

New Ride BMX. Go HERE to read all about it.

Hawk, Bezanson & Cranmer in Puerto Rico

Chase Hawk, Drew Bezanson and Scotty Cranmer recently did some demos and autograph signings in Puerto Rico on behalf of FOX. Fat Tony was on hand and put together THIS photo gallery and the edit below. Rave ’til dawn!



Drew Bezanson / Fox

Sorry for the lack of updates, been away for a bit…

First up…. Drew Bezanson is the TRUTH!

I’m posting this so you can check out the first clip from a famous ditch here in Cali. That moves in NUTS. Also, drew will now have Fox Footwear on his feet.

Josh Allsopp @ Random

Two @ Random’s in a row? I know… But this one was too good to sit on. If you watched any off the footage from the Notro contest in Toronto you know what Drew Bezanson did in the raftors, there for you need to check out this photo.


Simpel Session Winner is…

Congrats to Drew Bezanson for taking the top spot at Simpel Session 2010. I knew that when I first saw Drew ride at the Tunnel Jam, that he would be a problem in the future. This dude is definitely good and deserves it.

Congrats to Maddog and Ben Wallace for taking second and third as well.

Hit up the Ride BMX site for all the results and photos courtesy of Fat Tony.