Today, I got an unexpected package in the mail which contained 3 pairs of these DQM/FOX gloves. I had no idea these were coming, and was totally impressed with the packaging once I pulled them out. Simple as it may be, it totally goes hand in hand with DQM’s theme.

For those who may not know, Dave’s Quality Meat is a butcher themed sneaker/clothing store in NYC. Hence why the gloves are wrapped up like a piece of meat, or cold cuts. There is that sticker with info holding the folded over flaps in place, and a stamp too. The whole thing looks rad, none of us want to open them, haha. Of course, It’s a shame to not use the gloves inside, but I may just keep this package intact.

Thanks to Rob-O for the hook up.

Click HERE to check out an interview I did with Dave back in 05. Damn, 05???

And just like that, we have 2 back to back Fox posts, crazy!!