Miami Vice color palettes


One of the coolest things about watching old episodes of Miami Vice is noticing the fact that pretty much each episode has a strict color palette. The wardrobes, props, interior decor, landscapes and even food (!) adhere to the palette.

Click below to see a bunch more grabs from a single episode (Season 3 Episode 2) which aired in 1986 and guest starred Liam Neeson. Colors were blue with hints of green and yellow.


Miami Vice gallery part 1

A while back I started instant-Netflicking the first season of Miami Vice. So many of the scenes were way too good to not take a blurry Blackberry photo of and post on Defgrip.

One of my favorite things about the show, and I’m stating the obvious, is how much attention is paid to the style details. Even the cars are exclusive. Mann could have easily thrown any old Mercedes in there and fooled 90% of the audience, but instead almost every Benz featured was an authentic AMG edition with black grille and Euro bumpers and super rare Penta wheels.