BBC – Madness in the Fast Lane

This is by far one of the most bizarre, intriguing, and haunting documentaries I’ve ever seen. The story is as insane as the real-life footage the BBC captured.

You will have to sign in to Youtube to watch it because of age restrictions. If the link above doesn’t work, click here.

Lil Wayne – The Carter

Lil wayne – The Carter from Purple Planes on Vimeo.

Stumbled across this documentary on Vimeo the other day. Heard lots about it but it’s cool to finally give it a watch. A dope fly-on-the-wall look into the life of the prolific, polarizing, and currently incarcerated Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.

John Taylor Profile

Check out this mini-documentary on UK legend John Taylor. John talks about how he got into riding, his first trip to the US, Hoffman’s big air and more. Make sure you stick around till the end to see a bunch of John’s old magazine photos. There’s some classics in there.

*EDIT – the video is private, so you’ll have to check it out on Vimeo.

Richard Avedon: Darkness and Light

I was quickly swallowed into this nine part documentary about the amazing Richard Avedon. If you have some time to kill and are looking for an extremely inspiring way to kick off your week, have at it… Even if you don’t have a bunch of free time, watch one part for the next nine days, I guarantee you won’t regret it.


I Love My Bicycle


I Love My Bicycle, the documentary about FBM Bike Company is being released on DVD on December 10th. You can get all the info at and check out the trailer after the jump.


Soulwax Documentary

Andrew posted on this Soulwax documentary a while back and I just stumbled across a link to the full film. I hope this is a legit link and I’m not screwing anyone over! I’m watching it right now and It’s pretty interesting. There is a lot of talk in the beginning about who Soulwax is and they essentially explain that they are three different “things”.

It got me thinking about how so many people now are almost impossibel to classify… Like designer/photographer/bloger… etc or a designer working under three different names. There are so many different outlets and creative tools are so accessable, that I think there are going to be a lot more people that are going to be sucessful based off a wide range of talents, like Philippe Starck for example. People that are just “designers” or just “musicians” with out a sub category… I know this is nothing new… I just feel like I’m seeing it a lot more lately.

Check out the Soulwax documentary here.