DJ & Macca

Check out DJ & Macca at City Park in Melbourne. Doing it for Division.

Filmed and edited by Cooper Brownlee.

Dj Craze

This video makes me want to press buttons… via Yimmy


A Nice Set

A Nice Set is a touring exhibition of DJ slipmats that were given to 33 artists to do their thing on. The show has been touring all over the world and is making a big stop in New York tonight (May 4th) at Reed Space. In addition to all the art, on of Defgrip’s favorite DJ’s Tyler Askew will be spinning at the party, so if you are in the city, you should definitely stop by and check it out!


Fully Fitted

After three amazing weeks in Brooklyn, I’m back in Vancouver with a million things to catch up on! The sun is shining and things are good on the west coast. Good music is always key for a productive work day, so if you are like me and need to get your ass in gear, check out some great tracks and mixes on Fully Fitted, a blog run by Alex XXXChange, Pase Rock and a handful of other great DJ’s!

Cru Joness Mixtape


Maicol Chavez, who’s done some stuff with Defgrip in the Real Ninja past, like putting together an amazing Autophoto, has been DJing with his friend Chris Mekdara, under the name Cru Joness and they put a rad mix together for Defgrip. Download and check out all the info after the jump!


Live Greyboy


Greyboy is spinning live today and the whole Warchruch turntable crew should be showing up soon! Warchruch is just a big jam at Greyboys house where him and his friends all jump on turn tables and spin some rad music. “funky beats and breaks spanning all musical genres, but focusing on funk, soul, jazz, and hip hop. special guest d.j.’s and artists will be appearing soon…” If you are on the computer today and need some good music to listen to, you should definitely check it out! We’ve got the feed embeded after the jump, or you can go to their page and get in the mix!

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