Disposed: Kink Trip

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The Kink dudes recently hit the road to gather footage for upcoming rider parts that are dropping later this year. Chad Osburn, James Steele, Aaron Smith, and Dan Coller have been working on projects since Squash It filming ended, so be on the lookout for those.

Matt Miller was on hand to shoot everything with a disposable, so shout out to him.

Click below.


Disposed: United X Eclat ‘High & Bound’

Paul Robinson sent over a really dope disposed from the United X Eclat ‘High & Bound’ trip from LBC – San Francisco. The full edit, microsite including 2nd edit, and Albion article will be out August 1st, but keep reading to check out a first hand look on the trip through the eyes of a disposable camera. p.s. thanks to Paul Robinson for the dope collaging layouts!


Disposed: Stranger in AZ

Charlie Crumlish went on a filming trip to Arizona with the Stranger crew and sent over a bunch of great disposed photos from the trip. Keep reading to check them out!


Disposed: Nike in San Antonio

Garrett Reynolds, Nigel Sylvester, Dennis Enarson and Chad Kerley (along with Mark Losey and Navaz) hit up San Antonio to get some filming done. Check back soon for the edit.

In the meantime, click below to check out some pics from the trip.


Disposed: Tree Bicycle Co.

“I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.”

This quote has always stuck with me, and my desire to see the world. What better way to experience it with your friends. We had one destination, and that was Vegas for Interbike, after that; is was to hit up as many spots on the way back along I-70, but with sleeping navigators, we missed our exit and ended up in Salt lake city, that turned out to be the best part of the trip! We ventured through Wyoming, and back down the edge of Colorado.

We all lost a lot of things on this trip, SLEEP, money(C-L0), phone chargers, track of time, and our minds. Just something funny about road trips, that all of the bad things that happen along the way seem to disappear once it’s all said and done, but the good times make you laugh any time you think about them.

Tree Bicycle Co.


Disposed: Cinema X Etnies in Colorado

Corey Martinez, Nathan Williams, Seth Kimbrough, Bruno Hoffman, Will Stroud, Walter Pieringer and John Povah recently hit up Colorado in the form of a Cinema/Etnies trip. A Disposable camera was passed around to capture the good times, so click below to check out the pics.

—> Click HERE to check out the edit from this trip.


Disposed: Ten Pack East Coast Tour

The Ten Pack crew is back again for another summer of tours across Canada. Harley Hasket hooked us up with a bunch of snaps from their Canadian East Coast tour. Check em out!


Disposed: FBM Megatour 10

Joel Barnett was on the latest Mega Tour with the FBM crew and shot a bunch of great photos for a Disposed gallery. Enjoy!

“What happens when you take 11 dudes, put them in a short bus and ship them to Texas? You unmistakeably have an awesome FBM road trip! During the first part of March, the FBM crew of fun-having-bandits, ventured onto Prop’s Mega Tour 10 to shake things up and let the good times do some rolling! We were privileged enough to setup home base in Stew Johnson’s backyard in Austin (thanks again Stew!) and do some freestylin’ around that area of Texas. We had ziplines, airsoft guns, mousetraps, Chief, bottled Coke’s, the pizza/ice cream/taco power trio and some heavy metal jams to keep us stoked along the journey. I managed to snap some disposables of the adventures while off the bike and almost 5 months later, I finally got them developed. Huge thanks to Marco and Props, Steve, Stew, Clint and Matty, Terrell, Keith, Darryl, San Antonio Nick, Corrigan, Joe Rich, the BSD dudes and of course Chief!”


Disposed: Red Bull Ride & Seek

Justin Kosman went on the recent Red Bull Ride & Seek trip, and took a disposable camera with him to loosely document the trip for us.

From Kosman:
Fuzzy Hall just started a job with Red Bull this year and he kicked off his summer with a huge road trip from Salt Lake City, to Moab to Denver to Austin, TX. If it sounds like a lot of driving- it was, but we rode some awesome spots and watched many DVD movies as Wal-Mart could sell us. Here is a behind the scenes look at the gnarly 10 days on the road.

Click below to check out the pics.


Disposed: Mutiny/The Make in Tenerife

Mutiny and The Make recently hit up Tenerife for a little BMX adventure. Roey, Josh, Justin, Rubio, Alex, Chicken, The Count, Shaun Hadlington and Mark Lehair were all on hand. A disposable camera went along for the ride, so click below for a little glimpse of what went on.

Check back for an edit as well.


Disposed: Act Like You Know

The Act Like You Know DVD “Still Here” just dropped and to go along with the release, the crew put together a great Disposed series. You can pick up the DVD here and enjoy the photos!

“The majority of these photos are from the last three or four months of filming for our second full-length video, “Still Here.” We shot using a bunch of disposable cameras and a Holga. With there being literally hundreds of web videos released weekly, spending almost two years on a project seems like an eternity, and, at times, like it would never actually be finished. These are some of our favorite images that go hand and hand with clips or stories that made it into the video.

Appearing in the photos is Brandon Galosi, Bobby Simmons, Scott Marceau, Scotty Wemmer, Ryan Howard, Torey Kish, Jason White.”


Disposed: Mutiny in Barcelona

Justin Simpson, Rubén Rodríguez, Brandon Hoerres and Josh Bedford all recently took a trip to Barcelona to film for an upcoming Mutiny edit, which should be out in 2 weeks or so.

Justin was on camera duty, so click below to check out the photos.


Disposed: MacNeil Northwest Tour

I went on tour with the MacNeil team at the end of the summer from Vancouver to Portland to film the tour video that we posted last week. It was our first big trip in a while and we had an amazing time. The following photos are just a bunch of random snapshots from the trip, shot by Jeremy Deme and myself, as well as a few random snaps by the other guys on the team.


Disposed: Subrosa

Ryan Sher, the one who brought us the idea of doing something with roadtrips and disposable cameras just sent over an epic set of photos from a Subrosa trip to North Carolina. With six cameras filled with lots of B’s…  bikes, booze, boobs, and a bus I can only image what photos we left out of this series!


Disposed: Kink on Vancouver Island

So August 18, Myself, Doyle, Darryl Tocco, KC Badger, Lil Jon, Tom Dillon, James Steele, Tenpacks Harley Haskett and Luke Santucci boarded a ferry for a picturesque trip to Vancouver Island. We stayed in Victoria for a few days hitting parks and trails all around the island. We met a ton of cool locals and hit a bunch of shops along the way.

Huge thanks to everyone who let us shred their trail spots, Tenpack for taking us out there and and everyone who made the island an awesome visit.

Jay Roe