FLASHBACK FRIDAY: 5’s w/ Mark Mulville

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Taking it back to 2009… CLICK HERE to check out a top 5’s list with Mark Mulville.

Awesome Private Setup of the Day: DREAMLINE



I only had to watch up to 52 seconds to know this would be dope.

Via- Deluxe / Derelict


I can’t remember the last time I was so excited to write about a magazine, as I am about the new Trails Issue from Dig. Granted, I’m a trail rider at heart, but this issue is a great piece of work and worthy of long term bookshelf space.

The Trails Issue has everything from great riding photos, photos of signs and all the little details that encompass a trail spot, to interviews with different scenes from all over the world and their riders (despite if they are well known or not). There is a lot to read and look at in this bad boy. The pic above is Justin Inman in a crazy berm, shot by Hadrien Picard.

One of my favorite spreads is the one with Jay Lonergan where he re-creates a pic from 13 years prior, at the same spot, and with the same flannel.

I think Dig captured a good overall sense of history and future of trails with this issue, and most importantly, a certain feeling. Pick up the issue for sure if it is up your alley.