Behind The Cover: Dirt Ron / Ride #199

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As soon as I saw this Ride BMX cover and the unusual warped film action, I knew it had a story worth telling. Keith Mulligan came through with a very detailed “Behind The Cover” for us.

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DISPOSED: Killed By Bone Deth

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Welcome to the first Defgrip Bone Deth Disposed feature, as shot by Dean Dickinson. As you would expect, there is plenty of interesting and unique scenarios in this one. Check back soon for an edit from this trip as well. Enjoy!

From Sean Burns:
Expose your salty tickle holes and dispose the rest. The KILLED BY BONE DETH TOUR seen from the snaps of Dean Dickinson. The internet may be a social disease but it treats BMX as a big fat media bomb. So here you are, explode yourself a sneak of what life is like on the road with the Bone Deth deadman team. Soon enough you can see some video action of the tour. Maybe not the full hammered scenarios… that's too weird and wild for BMX internet? That stuff will be saved for our DVD that's in the works. We try to avoid the noid of larger cities and wealthy areas, that's why we spent a lot of time in Bethlehem PA. Slugged out, beat up, old timey, full of trash, glass and broken homes. In some sense we just want everything to be filthy, ROTTEN, dirty. One mans Trash is another deadmans treasure. The tour featured weirdos such as Colt Fake, Albie Bennett, Dirt Ron, Party Management, Lee Hopkins, Waffle, Chris Crawford, Kert Petersel, Dean Dickinson, and myself.

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Odyssey BMX: Spring Softgoods

Available now. More info HERE.

ODSY-VISION: SD Crew Road Trip

Gary Young, Dirt Ron, Kyle Hart, Tom Perry & Hoang Tran get rad between Southern California & Oregon.


Odyssey / SD Ditch Party

Check out this quick edit of Dirt Ron, Hoang Tran, Tom Perry and Kyle Hart shredding a San Diego ditch, while showing of some new Odyssey shirts.

5X5 With Dirt Ron

In between chillin and shooting photos at the Old School Reunion, I decided to turn the camera on Dirt Ron for a little 5X5 action. That’s 5 sets of top 5 lists.

I had a wide range of subjects in my notes that were totally random, and pick topics as I went. Ron had no idea what I was gonna ask, so he was kind of on the spot. The video is a little crude in spots as it was the first one I’ve shot, so bear with me, haha…

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Art Talk With Dirt Ron

Dirt Ron has a great little video about his art on BMX Wonderland, shot by Justin Kosman. Along with being a bad ass shredder on a bike, Ron can get down with a pen and paper as well. In the video you will lean that Ron was actually born in Hawaii, how he got into art, and the names of some of the characters he draws, like Dudu Brown and Dudu Wham Shit!



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Tom Perry came through with his take on an @random, click below to check it out.