Hallowed Ground – El Toro

This is a fine piece of work. Required viewing.

Trent McDaniel – Dig x Hoffman Bikes

I guess I’m pretty biased, but Trent fucking slays it!!!! This new edit is precedent to that. Trent makes so much stuff look too damn easy…it’s not fair.


The new DIG site is up and I just got done taking in all the new features. Looking good. DIG IN!

Q&A: Will Smyth Discusses DIG’s New Direction

Dig site 2

DIG BMX as you have come to know it is changing. How? Well, after 21 years the actual print magazine has ceased to exist and all energy is being redirected online. This new direction may or may not come as a surprise these days, but it is surely a welcome change.

I have always been a huge fan of DIG and I’ve got my fingers crossed that they can continue doing what they do in digital form. With that said, there is a new site and new staff in place to tackle such changes. As always, I threw Will Smyth (DIG’s editor) some questions about it all. Continue reading and stay tuned to DIG BMX.


99 Problems But Simms Ain’t One.


Brad Simms covers the new DIG mag #99. This is the Photo Issue. Bring it!

Simms also recently covered Paris with his brand of BMX wizardry, click below to watch that video.


Behind The Cover: Dig 98 / Trails Issue

dig bmx, 98, trails issue, defgrip, clint reynolds, rob dolecki pic

DIG 98 COVER by Rob Dolecki:

-This is Clint Reynolds’ second DIG cover; first was for Issue 82: an over-under air with Ryan Corrigan at the La Perla bowl in San Juan, Puerto Rico, which I also shot.

-This was shot a week after Texas Toast. Due to other commitments, I only had a week to stay in Austin and opted to skip out on Toast so I could spend the whole time with Clint, Matty, and Nutter, getting their split interview together. Because the Texas summer heat had just ended and all three dudes were working on the Toast jumps in the weeks prior, and thanks to a monsoon flooding everything out less than a week before I got on a plane to Austin, the first jumps at East Side were just starting to get resurfaced when I arrived. The first two days were spent working on Main Line, then the next day riding them in. A storm came through that night and soaked the trails pretty well. That resulted in another full day of working on the trails, and the last two days produced some heated sessions of the local crew re-riding them in, as well as a few other bad-asses like Chase Hawk, Baz Keep and Lima. The hip Clint is riding in the photo saw extended trains the last day. It conveniently poured like crazy the following day as I got on the plane back home, which incapacitated the trails in the following weeks. Luck of the draw.

-This happens to be the second DIG cover at East Side trails, both being trails-themed issues. The first one (Issue 68) was of longtime nomadic Austin resident Tony Cardona, who recently got married and had his first child.

-This photo was shot with my favorite megapixel masher, a Canon 1DX. The brightest light source available on the market was used, and it didn’t cost anything for it.

-The process for this DIG cover photo choice was pretty off-the-cuff, as they usually are. Will (Smyth, Editor-In-Chief) loved the photo, made a mock cover with it, and  everyone who saw it loved how the cover looked.

DIG 98 is out now. Follow Rob Dolecki on Instagram.

DIG 95 – Creative Control

dig bmx mag, 95, cover, chris piascik, creative issue

Here’s your first look at the sweet cover for the “Creative Control” issue of DIG, featuring artwork by Chris Piascik.

Cover photo – Sergio Layos by Rob Dolecki.

Stayed tuned to DIG for more info.

The History of The DIG Logo

dig bmx, logo, defgrip, interview, will smyth

The DIG logo. Anyone who has eyeballed the magazine over the years is familiar with it. A chainring and interlocking hands; it’s pretty classic in my opinion.

Out of nowhere, I glanced at the logo one day (after looking at it for many many years) and all these questions popped into my head about it. What did I do next? You guessed it… harassed DIG Magazine’s Editor-in-Cheif Will Smyth about it.

Click below to learn about the history of the DIG logo.


DIG 94 – The Video Issue

dig bmx, cover, 94

Great cover. Should be another goodie.

Go HERE for more info.


Click HERE for more info.

DIG BMX “Legends” Covers

If you read our recent Q&A with Will Smyth, you would already know that DIG magazine has undergone some changes recently. If you haven’t, read up.

Here, we present you with your first look at the covers for the upcoming “Legends” issue. Brian Foster above. Click below for the others.

I agree with all these, no brainers. Legends indeed. What do you guys think?

Keep an eye on DIG for more info.


Dig it!

New DIG cover featuring Bruno Hoffmann.

Also, if you’re into redesigned websites, DIG has a new much improved version up now.

DIG BMX Office

HERE’S a quick look around the DIG BMX office via Instagram.

Chester Blacksmith Digs it!


Here’s Chester Blacksmith on the new DIG. Click HERE for a preview of what’s inside.

New Dig # 76

Nice!! 2 Ben Hucke posts in a row.

This cover made it’s way around Twitter, but here it is directly from Dig. This photo has all the elements for a great cover… good rider, wild move and wacky obstacle. Nice one!

Click HERE to see what else comes with issue 76 of Dig BMX.