Dieter Rams on Need Supply


I think Need Supply does a great job of email marketing because when someone is providing interesting, non-sales-pitchy content it becomes a lot less spammy.

Here is a rad story on Dieter Rams that Need Supply emailed me last week.

Photo came from here.

10 Commandments of Good Design


I think Harrison posted on Dieter Rams before. He’s badass.

I’m not a designer and I don’t know the first thing about it, but some of you fancy book-learners out there might enjoy this list on, as well as the photographs of a few super modern products Rams designed in the last five decades.

Excerpt: [Good design] is nothing trendy that might be out-of-date tomorrow. This is one of the major differences between well-designed products and trivial objects for a waste-producing society. Waste must no longer be tolerated.

Here it is.

Wallpaper TV


Wallpaper just apparently launched a new “TV” section to their website today (although it looks like some of the videos have been up for a while) . The first few videos are from their Design Awards, featuring Stefano Pilati, Kanye West, Mark Newson, and Jean Nouvel. I was hoping for a bit more substance to the pieces, but they are still pretty fun to watch. They are basically a behind the scenes look into the magazine photoshoot with a few words from each guy at the end. It will be interesting to see what comes of the section and there are a few other videos up there including some good stuff with Dieter Rams.

Check out Wallpaper TV here.