Prior to the launch of BURN SLOW, the crew took a trip to New Orleans to gather content and bang out a video. The trip consisted of Adam Roye, Aaron Ross, Brett Silva, Bob Scerbo, Curly Mane, Devon Hutchins and Chase Hawk. Click below for some rad photos from the trip courtesy of Adam Roye, Devon Hutchins, Bob Scerbo and Kris Brock.


Empire: Argentina Vacation

I’m pretty sure Tom and Tina decided on Argentina as a destination because Argentina has “Tina” in it, and Tina wears the pants at Empire. That may or may not be how it went down, but Tom Dugan, Aaron Ross, Kevin Porter and Devon Hutchins for SURE went to Argentina and filmed it.

The 316 House

The 316 House is a BMX compound of sorts out here in Austin. Devon Hutchins was able to capture its vibe for this little Odyssey gem. I’d love to interview the neighbors.


This was filmed over a three month period in Austin, Texas at the 316 (Kansas) House. It includes three of the people that live there, Tom Dugan, Jared Swafford, and Mat Houck plus two that don’t, Aaron Ross and Jabari Winters. This is just a small example of the things you would see while over there. As you can probably guess, their neighbors don’t really like them. Enjoy.


Tumblr: Devon Hutchins

Devon Hutchins has started up a Tumblr as a way to share his photos easier. I like!!!

Devon hangs with a cool crew and is always in the mix, so if you're on Tumblr, FOLLOW DEVON.


Devon Hutchins dives in…

If you enjoyed my gallery from the POOL, than you will surely be into all the pics that Devon Hutchins just dropped into his Flickr. Good stuff.

As Devon puts it:
This is my take on the Nike contest that went down at the Dagenham swimming pool. No flashes just a high ISO and about 6 beers deep. Enjoy.

Check out the set HERE.

Photogallery: Cult Let ‘Em Talk

Devon Hutchins hooked us up with an amazing photogallery featuring a bunch of photos documenting the filming of Cult’s video Let ‘Em Talk. Check it out!


Aaron Ross Hits The Cement

Aaron Ross. 2 Texas cement parks in 3 days. Special cameo by Chase Hawk. Hotness.

Filmed and Edited by: Devon Hutchins

Shouts to Empire BMX.

New Cult Posters

Devon Hutchins just dropped four new Cult posters on his blog that he shot on their recent trip from California to Arizona. In true Cult fashion, these things are as simple as they get, but are all super dope. Check out the other three posters after the jump, and head over to Devon’s blog to download these as a desktop.


Aaron Ross / Empire Edit

Devon Hutchins and Empire just dropped this outtakes edit featuring Aaron Ross (and others) from an impromptu trip to the east coast to film for the upcoming full length Empire video.

Filmed and edited by Devon Hutchins. Riders include Aaron Ross, Jon Lynn, Kris Brock, and Devon Hutchins.

Shouts to Tom!

Aaron Ross Web Edit

Man, it’s Aaron Ross week. @Empirebmx just dropped this.

By Devon Hutchins.