Patrick Hruby

Check out some great illustration work from Patrick Hruby!


Sly Apartment

Need some more inspiration for your day? Check out Sly Apartment. With a great selection of images and a Defgrip banner in the side bar, you cant go wrong!


Caleb Everitt Design

Our good friend Caleb Everitt has updated his portfolio with a slew of amazing new design work! Keeping the site very simple, everything is displayed on a single page letting his work for clients like Mutiny, Hufnagle, and MTV take center stage.

*UPDATE* Check out our previous Q&A with Caleb HERE.


My advice to you? Get a job, sir!

To all you Midwestern Defgrip readers with design skills: the house of Verde, Duo and Cinema have a gig for you. Click below to read a full description of the available full-time web designer job at Greenhouse BMX. The bums will always lose.


This Los Angeles

This Los Angeles, a new gallery opening in LA is having their first show next Friday. With a stacked list of artists, many of which have been featured on Defgrip, like; Shepard Fairey, Estevan Oriol, Todd Selby, RJ Shaughnessy, Michael Sieben, Jeremy and Claire Weiss, and so many more, you know the show will be amazing. Check out all the info on the This site and if you are in LA, don’t miss the opening, I’m sure it will be crazy!


New AisleOne

AisleOne, one of my favorite sources for design inspiration, updated with a new version of their website. With a wonderful layout, two options for viewing content – grid or list – and a nice hidden dashboard, the new version is extremely successful and is a great example of a site that could easily just be thrown into a basic blog layout stepping it up to the next level.

Them Thangs are back

Them Thangs is back and better than ever. With a new site and new url you can get back to wasting hours of your day looking at amazing images… Get back to wasting your day away at and make sure to close that sidebar thing to get the O.G. feel.

Nazario Graziano

I just came across the design work of Nazario Graziano while browsing doubleyouwhy. Good stuff.

Click below to check out some samples and click HERE to check his site.


Morning Breath Inc.

The guys at Morning Breath from Brooklyn, NY have updated with a new website. The site is more of a blog format with a SERIOUS archive of all their work showcasing everything from their current poster work to their old Jay-Z album covers! Make sure to spend some time on their site and keep reading to check out some of their work. p.s. Andrew and I are out in Brooklyn, so if anyone reading this from NY, hit us up!


Mind Design

Mind Design is an independent design studio out of London. I’m really digging the patterns and colors the use in their identity work. (via It’s Nice That)


The Decade’s 14 Biggest Design Moments

Fast Company has a year-end feature rounding up the 14 biggest moments in design from the past decade. While I’m not sure I agree with all of the choices, it’s pretty crazy to think back to the first time you saw an iPod, or the fact that Design With In Reach wasn’t around and everyone was driving huge SUV’s. You can also read a more in-depth feature on


Best And Worst Identities of 2009

Brandnew, one of the best brand identity websites around has a great roundup of the best and worst identities of 2009. There are some great examples of both good and bad identities like the above beautiful Paul Rand designed Yale logo (on the left) that was dumped for the new version (on the right) and surprisingly enough the re-brand for Aol. pulled in the top spot of best identity of 09!


Print Ad: Mutiny

Mutiny has had a great ad camping going over the past year that consisted of a perfect formula: great photography, simple typography, and a new little graphic element for each ad. The ads are also very consistent with out being to repetitive. With the photo as the main focus, each ad is able to take on a life of its own while staying true to the campaign.


Q&A: Heider Ismail

Picture 25

Heider Ismail is a photographer and designer whose work I first noticed after coming across outtakes from his solo photography show – You’re Standing On Our Streets sponsored by Carlsberg and Converse. Along with the ability to land a beer sponsor for a photo show (nice going dood), I think he’s got a great eye for composition and knows how to use his surroundings to full effect. Click on for a Q&A with Heider on his work, school, and the BMX scene in Singapore.


Michael Freimuth


Check out some great print and editorial design from New York City designer Michael Freimuth.