Kelsey Dake

Kelsey Dake is a New York based illustrator that has done some great work for awesome clients including Antenna Magazine and the New York Times! She hit us up to say what’s up and we ended up talking her into putting together some Defgrip Wallpapers for the site!

Keep reading to check out her work and to grab a new wallpaper. Make sure to check out her site as well –



I’ve always been a huge advocate in having a good desk setup. I need a nice wide open space to work and I tend to work so much more efficiently when I am at my own desk. This video (that has been online for almost two years, that I just came across here) focuses on the subject of desks and what they mean to some influential people in the creative world. Along with some good insight how desks effect each person’s creative process, you get to see some great desk setups… Even a re-creation of Einstein’s extremely messy desk.


Aaron Ross House Check

Ever wanted to see how a pro BMXer lives? Now you can, thanks to ESPN… They have a dope gallery online with a bunch of photos of Aaron Ross’s new house. After buying his first place and getting all settled in, Sandy Carson went through and documented Aaron’s spot. I’m really feeling the cement floors and I’m stoked on all of Aaron’s artwork! It’s rad to see all of his painting and I can’t wait to see more!



Shelby White from Wanken has just launched a new project called Designspiration. Designspiration is an image sharing/bookmarking website that was built of out a need to help fellow students find inspiration. With over 1,000 hours and ten months work of work, this site is thoroughly thought out and very well designed. To give a little background and to put everything into perspective, Shelby has written up a very detailed blog post about the site, the design, and his entire process of building this inspiration platform from the ground up.

Project Magazine Design Contest

PROJECT is a brand new magazine for the iPad that was released a few weeks ago. I downloaded the first issue and I’m going to have to say it’s the best iPad magazine that I’ve had the chance to check out… and I’ve been downloading a lot of them recently.

To celebrate the release of the first issue and to get ready for the second, the creators of PROJECT want to give emerging designers the chance to showcase their talent. The challenge is to re-design the front cover of the first issue. The top entries will then be featured in issue 2 of the magazine. The winner will also get to design the front cover of PROJECT 2, released early next year!

The designs are due on December 15th and if you are interested you can find a video with specific instructions here, all the assets here and make sure to submit your designs to the PROJECT facebook page. Good luck!

Dallas Clayton

Author Dallas Clayton hit us up with some info about his new book. His first book — An Awesome Book — was a major hit and to follow it up, Dallas just released An Awesome Book of Thanks. While I was browsing his site, I came a cross this rad clip from the new Joaquin Phoenix film I’m Still Here, where Joaquin is actually reading from Dallas’ book. I can’t wait to see that movie and I also can’t wait to check out Dallas’ new book. Keep reading to check out a little video about An Awesome Book of Thanks as well as the Joaquin Phoenix clip and you can get all the info about Dallas Clayton and his new book on his website!



Influencers is a short documentary that explores what it means to be an influencer and how trends and creativity become contagious today in music, fashion and entertainment. The project was put together by Paul Rojanathara and Davis Johnson from R+I Creative and they have a great website to go along with the film. There will also be a “in-depth” mimi series that will launch on their site November 17th.


Christopher San Agustin

Check out some awesome motion design from Christopher San Agustin. He created a rad piece for Lotek a few months ago and has a great showreel along with a dialed portfolio.


Massimo Vignelli Interview

Check out a great interview with designer Massimo Vignelli, the man responsable for the New York City subway graphics, among many other things.


Magazine Covers

Just came across this great website – – with an amazing archive of Magazine covers. Old and new, print and digital, Cover Junkie has it all. Spend some time digging through the website and keep reading to check out a few of my favorite classic covers.


Joseph Dirand Architecture

Joseph Dirand Architecture is an architecture and interior design firm based out of Paris. I stumbled across their work wile doing an image hunt for Balmain stuff and was drawn into the flagship store that they design for the brand in Paris. The interiors combine a great mix of minimal and luxury and have been keeping me inspired for days. I’m also really loving the photography on their site which was shot by photographer Adrien Dirand.


Inspiration Dump

This edition of the Inspiration Dump comes straight to you from my desktop… I’m usually pretty good about putting everything in folders and keeping my desktop clean, but right now it’s a mess! Rather than just filing everything away, I thought I’d post some stuff up, so you can see what’s caught my eye over the past few weeks.


The Get Up and Get Down

Our good friend Nick Maggio, from A Time To Get, has created a new site called The Get Up and Get Down. Focusing on hand crafted products from individual artists, designers, and craftsmen, the site has a great collection of products ranging from hand made knives to table lamps (pictured above). Along with featuring other peoples products, there is a “how to” section with a wide range of step-by-step guides to create your own – for example – canoe for under $200… among numerous other awesome things. The Get Up and Get Down, is definitely worth a few hours of your day and if you are like me and have moved into a new place recently, this is also a great source of inspiration to keep your house as Ikea free as possible!

Them Thangs Magazine

This might be old news for some, but the magazine from the always talked about image blog – Them Thangs – is news to me! Curated by Them Thangs creator Justin Blyth, the zine consists of a collection of work from 13 artists, designers, and photographers. With an initial run of 1,000 copies and only around 100 left you can pick up the magazine online or at a select few retailers around the world. Check out all the info here and keep reading to see more of the magazine.


Marc Atlan

Besides having a semi-frustrating flash site, I had a great time browsing through designer, Marc Atlan’s new website. Filled with a bunch of new work, as well as plenty of great archived content. I love the simplicity of Atlan’s work and I’m always inspired when I see his stuff… Especially what he’s done for Helmut Lang and Comme des Garcons.