Pretty as a Thousand Postcards

Check out this amazing photo series of collaged found images on the New York Times site.


A Fly on the Wall

Our good friend Michael De Wit works at Vans and took a little field trip up to Maine with the design team to try their hand at building wood surfboards. Joe Carter put together a great video of their experience and if you look closely, you can see Michael reaping a Defgrip tee! Big thanks to Michael for the support and next time we expect to see our own Defgrip surfboard! haha!

Chester Jones

Chester Jones just freshened up his personal site. It’s got a good mix of photos, BMX & design, so be sure to eyeball it.

Also, be sure to bookmark Chester’s photoblog,  Mos Bueno.


Our good friend Caleb Everitt has started a new design studio called L A N D with Ryan Rhodes and sent over a link to their new site. We have always been huge fan’s of Caleb’s work and can’t wait to see what those guys do with L A N D!

Jean Paul Goude

I’ve been a fan of Jean Paul Goude for years, but just spent some time over the weekend, digging through his site again… and I thought I’d post a bunch of the images that I saved. Keep reading to check them out and make sure to brush up on your Jean Paul Goude via his site or the documentary (basically just a three part montage of his work) that you can find on youtube, So Far So Goude.


Photo Of The Day: Jon Contino

Jon Contino will be taking over our Photo of The Day for the next month or so. Jon is one of our favorite designers, so we are stoked to have him on board.

Thanks to Robin Fenlon for his extended tour of duty.


OMFGco is a group of creative/talented “thing makers” out of Portland, Oregon. Their design agency runs the gamut from print to signage to interiors, all of which looks and feels great. Mathew Foster, Fritz Mesenbrink, and Jeremy Pelley are guys behind OMFGco and I shot them some questions about what they do.

Be sure to click around their site.


Albin Holmqvist

Check out a great series of typographic treatments based on cities around the world from designer Albin Holmqvist.


99 Seconds

I’ve always noticed these Crucial ads (like above) in the mags, and kind of wondered who was behind them. Had I looked a little harder at the edges of the ad, I would have know sooner, but oh well. Today I came across 99 Seconds, which is the studio behind the ads (and some other stuff you may recognize). They are based in the UK and home to Adi Gilbert and Richard Homer.

There’s a bunch of rad stuff on their site, so check out 99 Seconds and have a look around.

Who Is Robert Loeber?

By now, most people within BMX are familiar with The Albion. They either have one, have seen one or they’re fiending to get their hands on one. The quality of the content, combined with a strong and minimal layout makes for a great overall magazine.

…But how about the person in charge of making it look as good as it does? That person is Robert Loeber. He hails from the UK and you may already be familiar with some of his stuff.

I threw some questions his way about a few things, so click below to check it out.


Victor Antonio

Check out some great collage work from Los Angeles based artist Victor Antonio.



If you’re a fan of US History and design, than Momentus is for you. Even if you’re not a fan, this is still rad.

Momentus is a new project that launched today, which involves a slew of designers/illustrators taking on certain events in US history. The first one just so happens be from one of our favorite dudes, Jon Contino, and is for The Revolutionary War.

This seems like a good way to stay knowledgeable while pleasing your eyeballs, so keep checking back as new submissions get posted.

Lost Type Co-op

In addition to being a nice looking site, the Lost Type Co-Op could be a useful place for you designers out there (or anyone randomly in need of a cool font).

Remember when Radiohead decided to release a pay-what-you-want album? Well, Lost Type Co-Op is basically the same concept, but with fonts. 100% of the funds go directly to the designers, or you can even type $0 for a free download. Simple as that.

Check out Lost Type Co-Op


If you are like me, you’ll enjoy browsing through this tumblr full of old letterheads. I’ve seen a few on random sites, but it’s rad to see them all in one place… Check them out here and keep reading to see a few of my favorites.


Minimal Branding

Here’s a rad design exercise in keeping shit simple when it comes to packaging. I understand shoppers need to be stimulated somehow, but I feel like most of these examples end up looking better than the original. A lot of OG logos are timeless, and some of these do end up looking a bit generic super stripped down, but this is interesting to see anyway. Please note, these are not real.

Part 2 just went up HERE, and part one can be seen HERE.

The 2nd part added an additional super stripped version.

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