Interview: Caesy Oney of Draught Dry Goods


Back when I had zero jobs, I looked up to guys who had multiple jobs. Guys who did things they didn’t have to do because they wanted to take things a step further. First it was BMXers like Brian Castillo who worked a design job and rode bikes for fun, even though he rode at a pro level and got paid for it. In ’97 I found Dyrdek fascinating because he was so into investing, music and entrepreneurship outside of skateboarding. Then it was rappers who also sold drugs, then James Franco acting in multiple movies while writing, making art and going to school full time; then Alexander Wang Creative Directing Balenciaga while running his own brand.

Caesy Oney is one such busy person. He’s got a dream job at Nike and owns his own brands, Draught Dry Goods and Odd Fellow Company. Through hard work and relentless curiosity, he’s put himself in a position of freedom to create as he pleases without compromise, surrounding himself with the people and things that make him happy.

I asked him what compelled him into this position, and he said “It’s important for me to be always working from an uncomfortable place creatively, and to hold myself to high standards. Complacent designers are boring and lazy.”

Below are a lot more questions and answers with Caesy, and photos of the beautiful products he creates.


Stephen Kenn’s Encounter Collection video

The Encounter Collection from Process Creative on Vimeo.

You’ll cry.

On My Desktop


Here we go again… A bunch of random stuff that has caught my eye over the past few weeks. A bit more abstract this time, but I've been on a weird digital grime/distress kick lately. I guess it's because I've been working on some more abstract editing recently. Don't worry though, if you make it to the end there some of the usual interiors and car photos. Enjoy!


On My Desktop


Time for another post with a bunch of random stuff I’ve saved to my desktop. It’s been a while since the last one, so there’s a lot of stuff in here!


Dieter Rams on Need Supply


I think Need Supply does a great job of email marketing because when someone is providing interesting, non-sales-pitchy content it becomes a lot less spammy.

Here is a rad story on Dieter Rams that Need Supply emailed me last week.

Photo came from here.

Wallpaper: Pierre Georges


We have two new awesome wallpapers from designer Pierre Georges. Check out the second wallpaper and all the download links after the jump. Enjoy!




Our friends over at C100 have a new website up with a lot of great work. Check it out!

On My Desktop


Desktop dump time… Lots of random stuff I’ve collected on the internet over the past month or so.


Tom Grunwald

Tom Grunwald just launched a new portfolio site with a bunch of great work he’s done for Animal as well as a bunch of other great graphics. Keep reading to see more of Tom’s work and check out his new site here!


On My Desktop

I keep my computer pretty organized most of the time and I try to keep my desktop free from any files… but sometimes things get a bit crazy and files start piling up… Right now I have a bunch of random stuff saved from random blogs and my desktop is a mess, so before I filed them away, I thought I do a random image dump… so keep reading to check out what’s on my desktop right now!

p.s. thanks to easy on the extras for a bunch of this stuff…


Javas Lehn Studio

My good friend Javas Lehn just launched a new website to celebrate the kick off of his new studio! He’s been working on a bunch of amazing projects and I can’t wait to see what more is in store for him. One of his most recent projects is the design and creative direction for Saturdays Surf NYC’s new magazine. Check out the magazine after the jump and check out Javas new site here… Make sure to check out his blog as well… so many great photos!


Icon: Michael Graves

A great piece on Architect and Designer Michael Graves for Dwell.

This Is How Design Works

A great site dedicated to startups and how design works.

Project Re: Brief

Google put together a project re-imagining some of the most iconic advertising campaigns in history for the web.

“This year we partnered with four global brands and a group of advertising legends in a bid to test a medium and challenge an industry. See how Amil Gargano, Paula Green, Harvey Gabor, Howie Cohen and Bob Pasqualina worked with the latest technology to bring their most famous ideas to life online and inspire a new generation of creative minds along the way.”

Check it out here.

Edits Quarterly

Really digging the navigation of this site and love the treatment to the photographs. This is an amazing way to present editorial content in a browser and even with the influence that you can see from print layouts, it is very well though out and enjoyable to use. I’m definitely tired of the people who just try to design a traditional print magazine layout and throw it online, thinking they are creating a online magazine… Seeing this layout and the quality of content is a breath of fresh air and actually gets me excited for the future of “online magazines”.

Check out the site here –