Get a Grip

Chris Harrison and Terry Carson, both sent over this link this morning… Pretty funny… but what I found even funnier was the time on the phone… haha! Got to love stoners.

Check out the Gripper iPhone charger thing here.

Defgrip on Fairtilizer

Stephan from Fairtilizer hit us up a few weeks back and asked us to compile a list of a few tracks and answer some questions for their site. After a bit of back and fourth between most of the crew, we have a cool feature up on their site right now. Big thanks to Stephan for hooking this up!!

Check out our playlist here and interview here.

The Come Up Vs. Defgrip

That’s what’s up!!! Josh Bedford’s “Circle One” from the October issue of Ride UK

Lotek X Defgrip

As you can see from the index page or any other site in BMX, the new Lotek shoes are out and that means our colab with Lotek on the Nightwolf Slim is available to purchase. From what I’ve heard almost all of the new Lotek’s are already close to selling out, so if you want a pair, make sure you act fast because once these shoes are gone, that’s it!