TOP 10 POSTS OF 2009 – PART 2

Here’s the second part of the top 10 most viewed post of 2009! These are the posts that received the most views, but it would be cool to hear what your favorite posts were of the year, so let us know in the comments!


Nigel Nike contest ends tomorrow!

Just a quick reminder that the Nigel/Nike 6.0 contest ends at the end of the day tomorrow. We’ve a bunch of great entries so far and it’s definitely going to be hard to pick a winner. We’ll post all the entries on the site on Thursday, so if you want to win some dope shoes, get designing!! If you missed it, you can check out all the details about the contest here.

Top 10 Posts of 2009 – Part 1

We compiled a list of our top 10 most viewed posts on Defgrip through the past 12 months. It’s great to look back at all the content that was on the site over the past year and it’s especially cool to see that you guys are really into the original content we produce for the site. After the jump you’ll see the 10th-5th most viewed posts and we’ll have the top four post up tomorrow! Thanks for all your support and we couldn’t be here if it was for all the people who check the site on a regular basis. We REALLY appreciate it and we are going to work our asses of to produce even more original content for 2010!


Send Us Your Photos

Ryan Moore sent us this dope photo of him in a Quilted T shirt in a meeting room at his work (Victoria’s Secret!) The photo is too dope not to post and we want to see more for you guys. If you picked up a one of our t-shirts send us a photo rocking it! You can either send an email or just hit us on our Facebook page!


Defgrip on Facebook


We just setup a Defgrip Facebook page the other day… We are stoked to get our Facebook on and we just gave away a t-shirt to our 500th follower! People seemed pretty psyched, so we are going to give-a-way another shirt to our 1000 follower! Check us out on Facebook and keep your fingers crossed that you are the 1000 follower!!

Flickr Friends


I was just spending some well needed time going through our new contacts list in Flickr and thought it would be rad to post some photos from our new contacts. There are a lot of amazing photographers out there, so by no means does this post include everyone we are stoked on, this is just a selection from the 40+ new contacts I (finally) went through today. We love photos her at Defgrip, so feel free to become a contact on Flickr or just email us some dope photos!


Defgrip Purple Rain T-Shirt


A few years back we made the Purple Rain t-shirt. I think we made about 100 shirts and the other day, I came across some leftover sizes. We have 9 smalls, 1 medium, and 2 larges left and I just threw them into our online store! We printed the shirts on a standard All Style Apparel t-shirt, so they’ll be a bit thicker than the Quilted T and I’m also shipping them out of Canada, so the shipping price is a bit more for the US… But they are only $15 and if they sell anything like the past two shirts we posted, they’ll be gone in a few hours!!




Exactitudes is an amazing on-going photography series by photographer Ari Versluis and profiler Ellie Uyttenbroek. I actually posted on this project in September of 2005 when defgrip was still on a blogspot and I couldn’t figure out how to upload photos to go with the posts (haha). It’s cool because the old blogspot site is still up and you can actually read the original post here. I actually wrote quite a bit about Exactitudes, so rather than re-writing the post you can read what I had to say about the series back in 2005 and see some images from the project after the jump.


Defgrip Welcomes David Lang!

David Lang

We would like to welcome David Lang to the Defgrip crew! David has been contributing to the site for a few years and now he has joined us a full fledged blogger! Not that David doesn’t have enough going on at the moment with his practically full time photography schedule, personal blog, his other personal blog, his tumbler and ffffound… Oh yeah, he’s also a full time art history major. None the less, we are super excited to have David a part of the crew and we are very excited to see what kind of content he puts together!!

P.S. To keep up with David and his wild adventures, you can follow him on twitter @dslang as well as in the new list we created for all the Defgrip bloggers – @defgripcrew/the-real-crew

Defgrip On Twitter


We just setup an official Defgrip twitter account yesterday! Nuno, Andrew, and I have all had our own Twitter accounts, but we thought it would be cool to get a Defgrip one going that we would all update with news, links, and whatever random stuff we are up to. Mike Ardelean is even going update it! Mike hasn’t been on Twitter yet, so it should be rad to see what kind of stuff he posts on there! We re-organized the sidebar a little and added the twitter feed in there, so you can keep up with our updates on the site!

If you are on Twitter make sure to follow us, we are @defgripcrew!

Hats are Sold Out!


The hats are all gone! Big thanks to everyone who picked one up and keep checking back because we are going have some new Defgrip products soon!

Defgrip Hats!


It’s been a little while since we have done any sort of clothing, so we decided to do a limited run of Defgrip snapback hats! They are snapback, so one size should fit all, and they only come in gray.

They are very limited (only 30) and there will be no more made, so once they’re out they’re out!

Get yours before they’re all gone!

$24.95 domestic / $29.95 International (shipping included)

To order yours click the jump!



mike mastroni

Mike Mastroni cooked up a rad edit for us, which I am pretty excited about. Dude’s rad and does nice work.

Pic by Stephen Meszaros/Svennnnnnnn


Wallpaper: Originals



Shoe-G Interviews Harrison


Shoe-G hit me up with a few questions for his blog about design, BMX, Defgrip and MacNeil. Check it out here.