Standard Definition Saturday?

I know everyone (myself included) is waiting anxiously to see Garrett Reynolds’ section in Deadline (which premieres next weekend), but I’m really waiting to see what Ty Morrow’s been stacking up during the past few years. This is my favorite Tymoe section to date from The Trip promo–the riding, the music and the production are just raw.


Seeing as premiere info for the Deadline video has surfaced, I don’t see a better reason to repost the trailer for it. I love this trailer and can not wait to see the video.

Disregard that “Fall 2012” stuff.


Fuck… Was not expecting this trailer for Deadline at all. This is the best thing I’ve seen at Interbike and I’m not even there yet. THIS guy’s stoked too. Doooope trailer.

No more reading, just watch.