Photogallery: DC in California

DC recently got some of their dudes together to do some demos in California. Edwin De La Rosa was on hand and snapped a bunch of photos during his trip. Click below to check out all the fun.


DC Progression Commercial


I remember liking this commercial a lot when it came out, but didn’t realize it’s been a year already. It just got inducted into “The Best of YouTube” so check it out again.



We posted on it before, so we might as well post the newest video from Ken Block and DC. This one is a bit more theatrical, but if you watch it on YouTube in HQ, the slow motion shots of the car sidling while the wheels are spinning is soooo good. Especially in that turn where he’s right on the edge of the dock…

Ken Block Gymkhana

Ken Block Car Video Gymkhana

Since we started the day off with a car post, we might as well end the day with another car post. This time is a re-visit to an older post we had with a video of DC Shoes founder Ken Block going crazy driving a Subaru in an Air Field. Well I guess the whole concept has a name – Gymkana, and there’s a whole site dedicated to Ken Blocks video, car, products and more. To go along with the site, they have a new video of unseen footage from the first video. It starts out a bit slow, but it’s definitely worth a watch.

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