Drew Bezanson by David Lang

Click below to check out a few photos of Drew Bezanson courtesy of David Lang. Shot at Joyride during a quick session.


Nosaj Thing Mary Anne Hobbs XFM Mix

Been jamming on this mix non-stop for the past few days. Thanks to Google Images for letting me steal a photo of Nosaj that David Lang took off someones random website.

Check the mix here.

Stanley Cup Riots by David Lang

Defgrip contributor David Lang has a very impressive photo series on his site from the riots that went down in Vancouver yesterday after the Vancouver Canucks lost the final game of the Stanley Cup Finals to the Boston Bruins.

“On the 15th of June 2011, the Vancouver Canucks hockey team lost 4-0 to the Boston Bruins in a much-anticipated final round of the Stanley Cup 2011 series. Riots broke out quickly as the Vancouver Police Department struggled to control the crowds. People were injured, cars were overturned and set alight, and shops were broken into and looted. It was gut-wrenching to see this deplorable mob behaviour cast an ugly mark on the night and the city.”

Check all the photos out here.

Travis Collier riding

I love this edit of Travis Collier on the MacNeil site. Catch our boy David Lang in there too. I also like that Travis calls sidewalk curb cuts “corner ramps”.


David Lang Dot Me

David Lang just updated with a great new portfolio and a new url davidlang.me. The site was build by Andy Chung and it has a great selection of mostly new work with some old favorites mixed in!


David Lang on Fuel

travis collier, david lang, fuel tv

Our boy David Lang has an interview on Fuel TV which you can check out HERE.

Defgrip Welcomes David Lang!

David Lang

We would like to welcome David Lang to the Defgrip crew! David has been contributing to the site for a few years and now he has joined us a full fledged blogger! Not that David doesn’t have enough going on at the moment with his practically full time photography schedule, personal blog, his other personal blog, his tumbler and ffffound… Oh yeah, he’s also a full time art history major. None the less, we are super excited to have David a part of the crew and we are very excited to see what kind of content he puts together!!

P.S. To keep up with David and his wild adventures, you can follow him on twitter @dslang as well as in the new list we created for all the Defgrip bloggers – @defgripcrew/the-real-crew

David Lang Photos

David Lang steve aoki mstrkrft at the commodore

Red Bull brought David Lang out to the Commordore in Vancouver last night to shoot Steve Aoki and Mstrkrft. In typical David Lang fashion, he stayed up all night editing photos, sending a link out at 9am to an amazing photo gallery on his blog.


Travis Collier Bike Check

david lang travis collier bike check

David Lang shot some amazing photos of Travis Collier’s bike for a bike check on the MacNeil site. Check out a few photos after the jump and click here for the full bike check.


David Lang Red Bull 3Style

David Lang Red Bull 3Style

The past few days, David Lang was Twittering about some “epic blog post” he was working on… I’m always stoked on anything David is up to, but I was expecting some exposé on a trials mountain bike rider or some future of communication on the Internet type of stuff…  I was wrong! This past winter David spent many days and sleepless nights covering Red Bull’s 3Style DJ competition and he put a massive four-part blog post on his personal blog documenting each stop. We put together a “mid tour” feature a few months back, that you should check out here if you missed it, but for the full meal deal check out David’s blog.

Click for David Lang’s Red Bull 3Style photos here.

Also, check out a preview after the jump – READ MORE

Captured: Triangles

harrison boyce triangles

Andy Chung put together this big project around Triangles for school last year. You can check out the project on his website to get all the info here. But after he got the project finished, David Lang, Andy and I had the idea to jump a bike through the big triangles he made. They were built out of cardboard, so it didn’t seem like it would be a big deal to jump though them. We didn’t really have many options, so we just took them down to the beach and I ended up jumping through them into the sand off the bike path. The whole thing was pretty funny and the triangles definitely hurt way more than I was expecting, but as we were cleaning up the triangles I shot a few shots of David messing around.


A Photos Journey


So, David Lang just informed me that this Keith Romanowski photo showed up on the amazing photoblog, Yimmys Yayo, with a rad Defgrip shoutout. David then informed me of how this photo got around. You need to read this. I just copied and pasted David’s email, so check it out after the jump.


David Lang Red Bull 3Style


David Lang hooked us up with an amazing photo series from the Red Bull 3Style Tour. Red Bull 3Style takes place in ten cities across Canada with eight DJs at each stop. Their challenge: to deliver fifteen minutes of sonic infamy that incorporates three genres of music. The winning DJ from each of the 10 cities will be flown to Toronto for the final showdown at C1RCA on March 13th as part of Canadian Music Week.

Check out all the photos here.

David Lang @ Random


David Lang, who just moved back to Vancouver after almost having to spend two years in the mandatory Singapore army, hit us up with a nice photo of Andy Roode. Check it out after the jump and go to his blog to see more photos from the same day.



David Lang scored the “Picture of The Day” on The World’s Best Ever site. The pic is from his Defgrip Autophoto.

T.W.B.E is one of the sites I check daily, so I was stoked when I came across this.