David Grant – BSD Raider Promo

Today I am thankful for many things but most importantly is that David Grant is doing rails with next to no landing. Oh, and that a feeble hard down a brick ledge. Thank you for the replete edit.

Autophoto: David Grant

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Having learned that David Grant enjoys shooting photos from his recent DIG interview, I decided to hit him up and see if he would be down to contribute an Autophoto. Being a fan of riders who also shoot, I was psyched to know he was down.

Click below to check out David Grant’s Autophoto. All the photos were taken on Canon or Minolta 35mm cameras.

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T.I.Y.B.O.L. – Grant / Passero

Here’s the first section of Lotek’s “This is your brain on Lotek” series, featuring David Grant and Craig Passero. All the edits that drop in this series will be compiled into the next Lotek mixtape DVD. Keep an eye out for more.

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