Demolition Northeast Trails Trip

Click below to check out Chris Doyle, Dennis Enarson, Dave Dillewaard, Hucker, Ronnie Napolitan & Kris Fox tear up some northeast dirt sculptures as part of the QBP X Demolition northeast trails trip.

Photo nicked from the Demolition site. Presumably taken by Joey Cobbs. Doyle, this ones for you!



Dave Dillewaard, Canon 5d MK2, 45mm TSE lens from Justin Kosman on Vimeo.

For some reason, when the temperature drops from 102 to 97, it seems like someone grabbed you by the collar and dragged you up from hell into heaven. Dave Dillewaard and I were in Phoenix, AZ last weekend filming for a GT project at Chandler Skatepark, and the session ended up being 5+ hours long.

I had just picked up one of the Canon 5D MK2 DSLR+HD cameras and hadn’t used it much on the trip, so I put on my tilt shift 45mm lens and tried to get a really tweaked angle on one of the mellow quarters. Filming with the 5dmk2 isn’t very easy unless you have a second LCD that you can tilt up as a monitor (I don’t), otherwise you have to lay on the ground to compose the low angle. It was over a hundred degrees all week, so I wasn’t about to lay on the ground, but the concrete at Chandler cooled off surprisingly fast once the sun dipped down.

Here is a short clip of a footjam whip with some Magic Bullet saturation added for impact. Enjoy.

-Justin Kosman